(All Hail) Creation · June 2010 · Scriptures

Look, I’m Creative!

  Guys! Shameless plugging time!

  I’ve finally got off my arse and written a ‘poem’. I know virtually nothing about poetry or love, so I have no idea how I ended up with a poem in the ‘love’ category of FictionPress…

  Anyway, here is Musical Instruments.

  It’s strange, I’ve been telling myself for ages to get up and write something that isn’t about my life, and then I’m sitting in my grandparents’ house feeling a bit depressed and bam! We have inspiration.

  Saying that, I’d rather not have a poem and feel totally normal… Possibly. Maybe. I actually have no idea. Let’s hear it for confusion!

  Please, please, please, read and review. I will love you forever. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a member of FictionPress, you can just put your name in the box with a few words about my amazing poetry skills.

  Should I stick to haikus????


4 thoughts on “Look, I’m Creative!

    1. I will reply to your review via this:

      I wasn’t sure if I’d got the point across, so it was either put in a last line or do a PS on the Author’s Note, saying, “If you’re a bit dim, the music makes a song and the song is the relationship of people.”

      Making out?! Where?! I hadn’t realised it sounded like sex.

      Now I’m worried.

      P.S. I don’t exactly know what cresendo means.


      1. I think it would be fine to put in a last line to conclude it in some sense, because it does give it a nice rounded off ending. It just seemed a bit blunt compared to the rest of the poem. If you made it a bit longer and more fancy, then it might go better.

        It didn’t really.
        I just felt stupid saying ‘relationship’ D:

        I don’t exactly know whether that’s how you spell it!
        I think it’s when it gets all loud all of a sudden, peaked if you like.
        I dunno.


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