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The Summer Solstice… Was a Few Days Back.

  I’d love to put some pictures on here to illustrate the last week or so, but I’m afraid I don’t have any. It’s not for lack of trying. The camara wouldn’t focus on the picture of matches I took on Duke of Edinburgh. I don’t have any of my outfits from the Insight Into Industry days, either… Just imagine me sweating, wearing a Ghostbusters t-shirt and a high-waisted skirt with anchors on it. Not together though. I may have wanted to wear an outfit my mother considered “Dykeish,” but I do know some boundaries.

  Wait, I lied. Here’s the warning on the matches I took to Danbury:

You will be delighted to discover that my group on the Industry day put aside our cultural differences with Barack Obama (IT’S AMERICAN OIL, SUCKER) and replicated him using a plastic bottle, some corks and The Daily Mail. I don’t have any pictures of that, either, because I am not on Facebook. We didn’t win the competition for best sales pitch and product, even though we should have. Maybe it was my short shorts or the fact we were clearly superior in intellect and looks to the judges?

  I believe that today, my friends, is the beginning. Not of the apocalypse (I hope) but of summer. I am so exited, I even made it bold. No more exams as I failed the Physics module this afternoon, brilliant weather, a trip to the beach on Saturday, the final Doctor Who, new series of Top Gear. All the factors are there, and my relief is only marred by the fact I have a suspicion MCR will release big stuff about their new album on International MCR Day, the 23rd July, which is the day I go to Greece on holiday for a fortnight. I will find a computer and Twitter my little heart out at some point while I’m there, though. Might even treat you all to a foreign blog…

  Oh, before I get distracted by Mindless Self Indulgence shirts, I have come to a realisation as to why there have been ten subscriptions via comments to this blog, but there are only four subscribers. You go to the sweet sidebar to your right, and click on the button that reads ‘this button will seal your fate’, underneath ‘click here to enjoy my opinionated tones more often’. Shove in your email and you’ll get an email telling you’ve subscribed, and then another one when I blog. Subscribing to the blog itself in the comment bit just subscribes you to that piece of writing, which is a bit wierd.

  The t-shirt, in question, by the way, is this:

Mindless Self Indulgence - Cartoon Characters T-Shirt They don’t do any in purple.


3 thoughts on “The Summer Solstice… Was a Few Days Back.

    1. I considered the Jimmy one, but for sake of family ties not going down the drain, I have decided to wait for the curse-word shirts until I am living elsewhere, or at least have a job. That or they will be in Japanese.

      Please sew the patch to your DMs.


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