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… And in the News This Week Part 2 (I did not expect to reuse a title so soon)

This has been a crazy week. I say that sort of thing a lot, but I don’t think I’ve ever meant it this much before. Seven days ago there was just one dog in the house, no such thing as the MCRmy Census (at least not publicly) and no existence of Tobi’s birthday present.

I was so excited when I made this, I had to go and show my parents (those places are real, by the way, I got them off the MCR tour archive. And Tobi is now fully expected to become a rapper and play the Garden in 2014).

The Killjoys’ response to the census has been amazing. Really, truly, brilliant. I’ve entered around twenty into Access so far, and every single person has had something excellent to say about either My Chemical Romance or the Rmy. I will find a way to share these stories, promise. Just give me a bit of time to log them all, I have a dodgy wrist and an increasingly large pile of coursework…

… And a new dog to play with! I get so excited when I come downstairs and remember Adonis is there, it’s stupid. He and Fred are fast becoming a dynamic duo of wagging tails and huge eyes that make you sit and stroke them for half an hour (Donnie) or play ball until you’re covered in dog spit (Fred). When I grow up I want to adopt all the stray dogs in the universe and give them their own basket to sit in, in front of a communal fire. If Frank Iero hears about the census, maybe he’ll chip in. We could save the world, one stray at a time.

There’s a thought.


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