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MCRmy Census/Register 2012

It’s MCR project time again. And this time, we need each and every one of you to take part.

Over the last year or so I’ve become increasingly interested in the inner-workings of My Chemical Romance’s fan base. I’ve been listening since I was 11 when Parade came out, and I’ve come across people who have been fans since they were far younger than I was. There are also a lot of people who are in their 20s and 30s – so why is there still a stereotype that all MCR fans are 14-year-old girls who grow out of eyeliner and skinny jeans? I’ve also become increasingly aware that fans of the band who are pretty vocal on Twitter or Tumblr don’t necessarily hang out on other websites, and vice versa, so people don’t always know how many fellow fans there are in their country. What I’ve found myself wanting to do is make a register of sorts, something that finally gives the wider world a clear idea of how diverse this fanbase is. Putting the idea to the Rmy on #MCRchat, I learnt that people agreed with me. How many of us are there? Where did we first hear the band? What’s the actual percentage of male fans?! My idea is that this will be open for a duration of maybe six months, depending on you guys’ response, then the results will be published anonymously on some form of website, as a census. The ‘register’ part of the questionnaire, with participants’ name and/or Killjoy name, country and optional web address and/or display picture, would be listed separately on the same site and always open to updating. There would be a search application and filters so people can find fellow members in their area, discover if anyone’s got a similar Killjoy name or track down kids they met at shows. Your details would, of course, only be used with express permission, the option of which is in the questionnaire, which is here. If you have any questions or suggestions, or if I’ve made tremendous spelling mistakes, please email indifferentignorance@hotmail.co.uk, Tweet @ToBeQuiteFrank, or hit me up here. I don’t bite, spam or retweet obsessively and your details won’t get passed on. Promise.

To keep up to date with developments regarding this whole project, check back here. I don’t yet know how long the census will be open for, or the details of the register. (I do know I want to stop calling it a census or register. Name suggestions are appreciated!)

If the project goes well, I have another idea which, again, involves everyone and is MCRmy-related as opposed to fan expression-related. So let’s see how for we can make this thing go.

(For those of you who subscribe to Indifferent Ignorance via email, this published twice because my finger slipped while I was working on the draft. Post ‘2307’ has now been deleted. My bad.)



4 thoughts on “MCRmy Census/Register 2012

  1. I would love to fill this in as I’m a pro at questionnaire, but I don’t feel I count, and I don’t want to mess up your results. But other than that, this is cool.
    Also, I expected this to be about your dog. Shame on you Francesca!

    Um, and on a small technicality:
    I’m pretty sure transgender people identify with their gender, that is to say, male or female, rather than transgender. People who don’t identify with either would be better off with an ‘other’ option (perhaps this is what you were aiming for?), as they wouldn’t be transgender just genderqueer or whatever the latest term is I dunno.
    But I don’t know whether you can change that now.


    1. You can if you want, hopefully there’ll be enough to discount anomalies… In fact, definitely take it, I need your questionnaire skills to ensure it’s up to scratch,

      Consider it changed… Ellen and I weren’t sure which to go with.


  2. You have my answers. Thought I’d give you a comment for once though.

    I must say I did get very confused by post 2307. I thought it might be code, I was trying to work it out. I then gave up and learnt something about Ohms for my physics exam tomorrow. I just checked back on here and went ‘Ohh, It had the wrong name…’. and now I’m currious about why it was called ‘2307’ to start with. Did you name it that? Was there some significance? Or was it automatically named because you didn’t give it one? If so, then why 2307?

    Another random thing, how come your little charity thing on the right still doesn’t work? I’ve tried to do it a few times and it sayd new questions are coming and they never do…just wondered if you knew. If not, no worries, I will wait.


    1. I hadn’t named it at all, it was half finished; it’s a WP thing… The 2307th untitled post of the day?!

      I don’t know about Charity Water, I don’t control the app… I’ve been meaning to switch it up, actually, now you’ve pointed that out I have a specific reason to. Thanks!


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