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…And in the News This Week

It’s a nice fact of life that as soon as I decide to take an unplanned break from all forms of talking on the Internet, loads of stuff happens.

The biggest thing is probably the worldwide opposition to SOPA and PIPA, when we all realised how much we rely on Wikipedia’s Knowledge Regarding the Universe and got pissy with the US government just to get it back. That said, I blacked out Indifferent Ignorance in support of the anti-support, so you guys missed out on twelve hours of wonderful talking (although I’d actually shut up by that point, having no words to express my delight at the Kids From Yesterday video. You know the original videos Frank talked about? I’ve been raving about them for months. Months. I love this band).

The other thing that’s gotten everyone talking is Gerard’s hair. Isobel thinks it looks like custard… Every time I see it I’m astounded at the fact he is not, as he looks to be, 25. Why don’t more thirty-something guys bleach their hair? Don’t answer that. I don’t think I want them to.

Anyway, let’s not forget the rest of the band. I watched this video twice the day it came out.


“None of your damn business!” My ears are blocked up again, did Frank call Gerard “new age’s Bono”? Haha…. Okay, I’ve been watching Life on the Murder Scene all day because we had target setting and it’s messed with my mind. I’ll let Custard Haired Gerard finish up.


Big news soon hopefully.


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