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The NME Awards Mean You Should Complete the MCRmy Census, and Other Smug Fan Moments.

News of the week: Gerard Way agrees with me that the clothes the Glee kids wore for SING were shit.


Smug Fan moment over.

Although, in other ‘state the obvious’ stories, Frank explains why he got married and MCR are up for best fan community at this year’s NME Awards. If they don’t win after this census, I’m going to be having a stern word with you all (they’re also up for Music Moment of the Year for playing with Brian May at Reading and Gerard’s up for hottest man. Irrelevant, some may say, especially as he traditionally takes the award for hottest woman, but the kid from Black Veil Brides is in it, so. (Although he’d do all right for hottest woman too.)).

While I’m thinking about the census, there is now an @MCRmyCensus Twitter and the questionnaire’s open until the 30th April this year. Tell the kids who don’t speak English, I don’t know how to translate it yet.

WordPress is telling me that ‘wore’ isn’t a word. I checked with Google Define, it is.


5 thoughts on “The NME Awards Mean You Should Complete the MCRmy Census, and Other Smug Fan Moments.

  1. ^.^ i love this video for the tottaly awesome way in which Gee says – ‘Ours.’ 🙂 and the fact that he also thinks (like countless others of us out there) that the Glee outfits were BAD!


  2. Remember me??

    No, I’m not quoting lyrics, because that’s what stupid people use facebook for. I was just saying, does anyone who stops to read the comments remember who I am, as I am aware i haven’t “sub-blogged” or even commented for quiteeeee a while. My apologies, especially to Frank, who would no doubt, kill me on Saturday if I hadn’t have left something for her to read on her blog.

    So, where do I start (beware, this could and probably will, turn into a short essay. i also apologise for the spelling and grammar mistakes that are to come. I’ll do my best)?
    Right, well, my excuse for not commenting is the fact that I am actually overloaded with work. no exaggerating. I could even type out my holiday homework, infact, I’ll do some of it.
    -History – Make some huge table thing on the Yalta, Tehran and Potsdam conferences, about who attended, dates, agreements, disagreements and changes.
    -English – ooh, actually, if anyone knows a good female poet who writes funny stuff, that would be helpful. because I have to find a poem, by a female poet, and analyse it.
    I hate school. Although, it makes me proud to know that I am doing the same stuff as the year 10’s. I’m pretty surprised they haven’t merged the years together actually. My classes are at the same level as them. 😀

    I’ll stop there. Writing about how much work I have is depressing enough, let alone doing it.

    What’s next? Oh, well, I think this might be my first 2012 comment. That’s nice. In which case, happy 2012 everyone.

    Now, to comment on the blog.

    I like the way Mikey’s wearing ray bans inside, and in the winter.

    I’m positively sure Gerard likes his hair that colour, because otherwise, if it was just bleach for his next hair colour, he would have dyed it by now. It’s lost the custard effect, now it’s just banana flavour.

    Frank, wore IS a word. Ignore wordpress. Listen to moi, because i am better than wordpress.

    I’ll go and vote straight after this.

    These points are quite short. I might as well bulletpoint them. Except wordpress hasn’t introduced them yet. STUPID WORDPRESS.
    Oh, we had a discussion with Mr G our geography teacher, about how saying “brainstorm” and “bulletpoint” is offensive. Brainstorm because you might offend epileptic people (HOW?) and bulletpoint because it is “threatening”. How the hell is saying “can you brainstorm the information from these bulletpoints please?” either offensive or threatening. You’re supposed to say “concept diagram” and something else for bulletpoint. What is the world coming to????

    Well, I’ll be surprised if ANYONE bothered to read up to here. If you did, that was a waste of time, and you could’ve eaten a biscuit instead.

    And I shall leave you with some really weird facts i found out today, in hope that it makes up for not commenting for a month or two.

    #When Eskimo/Inuit babies have colds, their mothers suck the snot out of their noses.

    # The Romans used crushed mouse brains as toothpaste.

    # If you consume takeaways on a regular basis you will swallow about 12 pubic hairs a year.

    I’m sure you enjoyed those.

    bel xx 😀

    P.S> I have a day off tomorrow!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


    1. 1) There would be no killing, but there might be some ‘brainstorming’ or ‘bulletpointing’

      2) I am a good female poet. Go and read my ‘Emoshitter’ series, or send me a comission (I love you so will work for free)

      3) Of course people read this. I’m replying, duh

      4) Mikey wears (wore? GET THAT, WORDPRESS) glasses because he needs to wear glasses. I would wear my Ray Bans indoors if I left my normal ones at home (being a man, he has probably done this)

      5) Banana hair it is. Until the grey shows through, at least

      6) I don’t have a snarky retort regarding snow because I have to go and hand in World Development coursework.


    2. Regarding the female poet thing, my mum’s always talking about some funny poet she likes, Pam Ayres? I’ve read a few, I seem to remember some of them made me laugh.

      I’m sure you’ll have much fun with all that work Isobel, I have nothing to do over the holidays at all. Haha.

      How come you had the day off today? I didn’t.

      I must say Isobel, I don’t think I liked your facts at all.

      I’m off to vote now. See you tomorrow.


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