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Doing My Sisterly Duty…

For those of you that don’t know, today is my not-quite-sister Isobel’s birthday. So, in true almost-sisterly fashion, I’ve decided to embarrass the hell out of her with some photos and anecdotes I’ve accumulated over the past year.

  •   The time she made me coffee for breakfast, forgot about the frother thingy on the machine and nearly killed us both with hot milk… I told her she was mad, she replied “I’m not, I’m making the best coffee you’ve ever had… Shit.” I believe the toaster had malfunctioned. That same day she announced she’s going to be a ‘barrister’ when she grows up. ‘Barista’, darling, but God help us either way.

  • Isobel and her BFF, her sleeping bag:

  • And, finally, what she thinks of me:

Happy birthday! Now I don’t need to buy you anything xx

In other news, Urban Dictionary thinks I’m awesome, Saudi Arabian women have gotten the right to vote and Dan’s been bitching about the new Facebook layout to Dan.

I’m pretty sure I have more videos in my YouTube history to irritate you with, but all in good time…

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I Am Alive. Just Barely.

For those of you clicking on this to read a witty, vibrant post full of intelligence and glamour, you may as well click Exit now, because I got nothing. Except this:



Seriously though, that’s it for the time being, because I’ve been so stressed and busy recently that I haven’t had time to compile everything stupid/funny/stupidly funny that’s been going on. I apologise for the lack of time-wasting posts. After tomorrow, however, my coursework will be finished and all I’ll have left to do this term is train for a karate grading. Which means, drumroll, lots of time-wasting posts!

You’re welcome. In fact, since next Saturday is International MCR Day (if you don’t know what that is look around here), I will be posting various MCR-related blogs throughout this week.  If you can think of anything amusing regarding the band, send it to me. The more mad things to discuss, the better – anything I forget to say now will of course be said throughout September and October, when we celebrate ten years of My Chem. You know me, any excuse for a party…

In the mean time, Torchwood‘s back.