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I Am Alive. Just Barely.

For those of you clicking on this to read a witty, vibrant post full of intelligence and glamour, you may as well click Exit now, because I got nothing. Except this:



Seriously though, that’s it for the time being, because I’ve been so stressed and busy recently that I haven’t had time to compile everything stupid/funny/stupidly funny that’s been going on. I apologise for the lack of time-wasting posts. After tomorrow, however, my coursework will be finished and all I’ll have left to do this term is train for a karate grading. Which means, drumroll, lots of time-wasting posts!

You’re welcome. In fact, since next Saturday is International MCR Day (if you don’t know what that is look around here), I will be posting various MCR-related blogs throughout this week.  If you can think of anything amusing regarding the band, send it to me. The more mad things to discuss, the better – anything I forget to say now will of course be said throughout September and October, when we celebrate ten years of My Chem. You know me, any excuse for a party…

In the mean time, Torchwood‘s back.

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No More Pencils, No More Books, No More Teachers’ Dirty Looks

  We just said an emotional farewell to Fred, who is off to someone’s home while we go to Zante.  I couldn’t accompany him to exile, it would overwhelm me. Plus he moults a lot this time of year and frankly I don’t need him sitting on my lap for the journey.

  I’ve had a crappy few days (what is with people dying when you least expect it, even though it’s expected?) so the summer holidays haven’t really sunk in yet. I’ve been busy on eBay, buying Pugsley’s vintage tea set and teasing her about it, wrapping it up with love, care and fairy godmother dust. For such a smart person, Elizabeth, you are surprisingly easy to wind up. Open that box before the sixth and I will chain you to the inside of a bus. Underneath a chlamydia advert.

  While I’m in Zakynthos I’ll be video-blogging to keep busy, along with swimming, sleeping, trying to learn Greek and not think about impending funerals. Funeral. I sincerely hope no one else kicks the bucket. If they do, I am going to have a word with my karma. I do try to be nice to people.

  Unless I can wind them up about their crushes. Then, sorry, I will mercilessly take the piss out of them. It’s a tough habit to break.

  Have a good fortnight, lovely readers in front of your screens, I will hopefully blog from Zante while I’m there. Happy International My Chemical Romance Day for tomorrow… I firmly believe Frank’s last photo and album stuff will be released on the 23rd. For the record. I think I will go and watch Torchwood and avoid packing.

  Does anyone else like Jack’s dress sense? I feel the need to buy an expensive forties military coat, a silk waistcoat and a fob watch. Also a stopwatch.

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Two More Days… I Can Smell the Freedom… And My BO.

  Good evening.

  I am very sorry, but I don’t have any wonderful photographic evidence of my wearing a nice dress and fake Jimmy Choos because the photos from my camara aren’t brilliant and I’ve been a bit rushed lately.

  Thought I’d ramble for a while anyway, as I know how you all love my views on mad gunmen getting Facebook tributes (for the record, what is up with northerners getting trigger-happy recently? Is it something they put in the water?). I have been watching bootlegged episodes of Torchwood on YouTube, which is like Doctor Who but without the TARDIS and with more graphic alien killings and sex. Every time I watch it I come over all Welsh. I start liking long military coats.

  The bottoms of my feet are covered in blisters because me and Pugsley went down town yesterday, and my most comfortable pair of flip-flops fell apart as I walked. So today I was thankful for Converse All Star and socks. Also for non-uniform day since my house at school won the cup. Too bad the team colour’s officially white, but was made pink. Thanks, Aphrodite.

  While I’m thinking about houses, I would like to mention a very special person who tipped sherbet in my hair at the school fête this afternoon. They laughed at the hairdressers. I would also like to let her know that I have ordered her a custom-made tea set from eBay, engraved with words that I think I shall leave to her imagination. Here is a what she can expect: