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I Am Alive. Just Barely.

For those of you clicking on this to read a witty, vibrant post full of intelligence and glamour, you may as well click Exit now, because I got nothing. Except this:



Seriously though, that’s it for the time being, because I’ve been so stressed and busy recently that I haven’t had time to compile everything stupid/funny/stupidly funny that’s been going on. I apologise for the lack of time-wasting posts. After tomorrow, however, my coursework will be finished and all I’ll have left to do this term is train for a karate grading. Which means, drumroll, lots of time-wasting posts!

You’re welcome. In fact, since next Saturday is International MCR Day (if you don’t know what that is look around here), I will be posting various MCR-related blogs throughout this week.  If you can think of anything amusing regarding the band, send it to me. The more mad things to discuss, the better – anything I forget to say now will of course be said throughout September and October, when we celebrate ten years of My Chem. You know me, any excuse for a party…

In the mean time, Torchwood‘s back.


8 thoughts on “I Am Alive. Just Barely.

  1. oops. well, you can decipher it yourself. I’ll make an effort if im not doing homework then.

    x 🙂


  2. THERE ISN’T ONE ON WORDPRESS……unless, aha, i right my blog on Microsoft word, spell/grammar check it, and then copy and paste it onto the blog!!! Would that make you happier?

    Nah, too much hard work. If i have time though, i will.


    Lets face it, if i can’t watch the trailer a second time, even without soiund, how am i gonna watch the whole film with sound?!

    Well, i wont let it get in my way….although the odeon might ban me if i excrete all over one of their nice cheap seats. Because i can’t afford premier. Bet they get it all the timne though, from kids and grannies.

    I’d feel sorry for the poor sod who has to clean it up though.

    Thinking, if sherlock holmes is out round my birthday, we could go see that. Or woman in black. maybe.
    and for Xmas, im buying ellen the complete works of conan doyles sherlock holmes. And a defi nition of who he is/was.

    x 🙂


  3. so cynical frnak, so cynical. And at such a young age too. (My family do criticise me though for being cynical, especially when I said about the only white person in wembley being polish. So, er, you couyld say, pot, kettle, black, but you won’t because you love me. Stop rambling isobel!)

    erm, good to hear your doing the grading. Do you remember Kihon Ido Ich right? Coz if not, theres videos on youtube.

    And, er, nothing on the my chem front yet, except for all of you that didn’t know, Gerard Way has a blue toothbrush (No, i didn’t look it up, im no fangirl. It was in the february kerrang (remember frank and Ellen? ) Im not that sad. )

    BUT…….. i am considering going to see this film ( (Im hoping this is the right trailer, and not some saddos rip off of one, but i was too scared to watch it again.) ) but only if i can take a cushion and have lots and lots of toilet breaks to hide. Because even the traler scared the shit out of me. If the chair was rocking gently, and there was nop face at the end, then=, yeah, id see it. But because it wasnt doing that, im not too sure. I may have to drag frank ellen and lizzi along, so i can hug them to death, because i dont think the others (laura, agnes, and jemma) would appreciate that too much.

    and i don’t feel bad about suffocating you guys. Sorry, but it’s true.

    bel x 🙂

    p.s. sorry, i considered spell checking it, but decided i don’t have time. Am supposed to be typing up a poem, except i left the poem in my locker, and am having to remember it off the top off my head.
    Wish me luck.


    1. I know Gerard has a blue toothbrush, that is irrelevant.

      So is the grading.

      Sure, let’s go see Woman In Black. We can shit ourselves together.

      Spell-check, Isobel, is the way forward in this life… Learn to love it 😀


  4. The video is a Reggie And The Full Effect one, right? Yes, I think I’ve seen it. They’ve also got a song about penut butter and jam meeting and falling in love – which has no relevance to the song, I think.

    Yeah, Bel mentioned it. I do like JK Rowling’s symbolism, I must say.

    Film wasn’t bad either, at least they stuck to the plot this time…


  5. Has Jem shown you her music video with Frank/enstein in it?
    Coz on the my Chem fromt, that’s all I got.

    What didya think of Harry Potter?

    Did you know vol de mort is flight of death in french?

    But I bet Bels already told ya that.

    It’s sad, I know.


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