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Frank’s Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Moving Image Appreciation Post #1

You’ve probably noticed by now that I spend a large portion of my time on the Interwebz and watching television and films (though I still have not seen Forrest Gump, despite my best efforts to – best efforts being thinking, “I should find out if we own that!” – or Breakfast At Tiffany’s). Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to share my love of moving images with you all on a somewhat regular basis. I don’t know how regular yet because I’m lazy, forgetful and quite unreliable when it comes to blogging specific things… Let’s just see how it pans out.

So, without further ado:

Axis of Awesome: 4 Chord Song


Since I’ve recently learnt the Circle of Fifths, I think this is the most brilliant thing ever. Also very proud that none of my favourite bands are in there – though no one’s heard of most of them, so maybe I shouldn’t be too pleased… Chords, by the way, are C, G, A minor and F.

Venetian Princess: 7 Things Spoof


If you’re a girl who doesn’t do one of the things Venetian Princess sings about, or you’re one of the guys who does, come say hi. And pass this on to everyone else.

Weird Al Yankovic: Amish Paradise


The brilliant thing about this video is that Amish people can’t be offended by this, because to do so they’d have to see it and know what they’re missing! It’s unoffendable!

Weird Al Yankovic: Perform This Way


It took me quite a few watches to twig they’d Photoshopped Al’s face on a girl’s body. I was thinking, “He’s well fit for an old bloke!”

Gerard Rockin’ In His Pajamas


Everyone’s favourite band jamming during the making of Revenge. Song, I belive, is AC/DC’s Problem Child.

Could you deal with more blogs like this or shall I stick to ranting?! Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes, the WP spellchecker keeps zonking out.


20 thoughts on “Frank’s Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Moving Image Appreciation Post #1

  1. I would just like to point out that your little charity thingy at the side has gone up considerably and that is ALL down to me!! I have done that bloody thing so many times now that I have memorised every single answer! Can someone else, like, do it too? I’m the only person here.


  2. well, i shall admit that it was Jemma that actually sent me that link, but it is nthe sort of thing that i would look up, so i am still going to take credit for that. he’s a cool guiy, our Pope, except his name is Benedict. Do popes have to change their names or something, because they’re all called either Benedict, John, Nicholas, Pius or Paul. All very religious names if you ask me. there are also stupid names liuke Innnocent and Clementine, but the others are commoner.

    My aim in life is to meet a pope.

    x 🙂


    1. You can’t meet ‘a pope’, you meet THE pope. There is only one. Every few years he stuffs it, because all popes are old, to prove their holyness, and then they elect a new one.

      ‘Angels and Demons’, love. Not one of those cardinals were young.





  3. no karate.
    one last week of laziness, then its back to sensei with his “I just learnt a load of new things whilst i was away….lets try them!!!!”

    me x


    1. There’s a spell check button and I expect writers with vague standards to use it. It underlines what you don’t notice you’ve put wrong, you correct it and (usually) remember for next time.

      It’s not cheating, it’s improving your writing standard so you don’t sound thick. If you do, no one listens/reads/takes you seriously.


      1. Can’t we get a spell check on the comments bit? It takes time to read through the essay like ones and correct them, so i generally don’t bother.

        Do we have karate on Saturday or not? i can’t remember if they’re back from hungary or not yet?

        Enjoy school.

        x 🙂


      2. Dude, I know how a spell check works, you know.

        I’m getting the image of Peter-Pan pipes, here. How would you have singing lessons with a pair of pipes?


  4. even if you did add up mthe times, it would come to about 14 and a half minutes. i think.

    i heard gee diod a ong in huis underwear once, when recording something on revenge. But i think they were either fantasising, or they meant pjs, which means they are probably american.
    Because americans have weird namnes for everything. eg a biscuit is a cookie, a cookie is like a cake i think, and a cake is a muffin. a muffin probably turns out to be a donut or something.

    x 🙂


      1. oit!!!!! Shut up you scottish girl!!! Whos the one who is always copying mty work in science, english and history huh? You doin’t complain then…!!!

        x 🙂

        And, p.s. you could do with writing more. This is your first comment in, what, 3 months?

        tut tut.


    1. Explanation: they are American. Nuff said.

      Gerard said he did in that Q&A Kerrang! you guys made me read out loud on the way to Wembley. I remember because… Well, how could I forget?!


  5. frank, your spelling abilities should be natural.

    i like posts like these- it takes me about 20 mintues to get through everything. Which is good 🙂
    (no. no i did not just go through all the videos and add the times up. you doubt my commitment.)

    me x


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