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If Art is the Weapon, Mascara is the Nuclear Bomb.

Do you remember the day you rounded up your friends, took them down to the nearest hill and made them pose for your Media coursework? You don’t? You’re missing out.

Since that’s not the photograph I’m planning on using, it can hang out on the Net. Exam boards get upset if your coursework turns out to be on the Internet (and they have a program to check). Sadly, this means I can’t publish some of my best work, like a To Kill a Mockingbird piece on 9/11, which is one of the best non-MCR related things I’ve ever written.

Anyway, since you all get sadistic pleasure out of making me look like a fashion-conscious, sparkly, pretty, normal person, here are the photographs from my now infamous makeover.


Now for the ‘holy shit’ moment:


The ‘sophisticated’ look, according to Ellen and Isobel:


The wreckage:

  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how a short, scowling, makeup-avoiding teenager gets turned into a short, smiling-shyly version of Boots’ makeup section. I think it took four hours… Please give Ellen and Bel lots of valuable things for their patience… And for getting me to agree to the idea on tape so I couldn’t back out.


11 thoughts on “If Art is the Weapon, Mascara is the Nuclear Bomb.

  1. indeed, i have it.
    rarely have i been on it, though-
    i am afraid of getting additcted and having even less of a life than i do now.

    me x


  2. That is a lie. You were inside your house at the time. i like my grammatical faults. and be bnice, or makeovers number 2 and 3 are heading your way. especially as you are trapped in the same room as ellen, me AND lauren on holiday. for two weeks.

    expect something interesting to happen.

    and , yes, we are, befopre you ask, bringing makeover and hair stuff.

    fun time frqank, fun times.

    and jemma, you can speak fluent fb because YOU HAVE IT!!!!!!!

    Poor me and frank and Lizbeth don’t understand this gobbledegook craze with a database, or whatever it is. so either way, we wouldn’t know if you are infact speaking the fluent lingo.

    x 🙂


    1. If the hairspry fumes get overwhelming, I’ll kip on the balcony.

      I don’t speak fluent Facebookease, but I have picked up the gist from Twatterers.


  3. now for the typical facebook idiot comment:

    (see! i speak fluent facebookese!)

    but seriously, you look nice.

    me x
    (by the way, i finished the unholy series on tuesday. Just thought you’d like to know that.)


    1. Ah, thank you!

      Well done. The last twelve paragraphs or so are tough, especially when you realise there’s a My Chem poster peering over your shoulder.


  4. Well Frank, there are three words in my mind at the moment. Pot, Kettle and Black. Look at your capitalised sentence. Now read it out to yourself, and spot the spelling mistakes. I’ll give you a clue. I don’t have a “FINGE.” And what were you just insulting me about, huh?

    Yeah, sucker!!!

    Bel x 🙂


  5. well frank, i know you loved it really. Lots and lots. You smiled-that is a sure sign that you enjoyed it like hell. All the glitter and powder, and pressed powder that smells like your mother used to when yoi were younger—- you absolutey loved it. or i could say that You Fucking Love It, which is a song i found on my ipod the other day, and had never ever seen, let alone listened to before. its quite good really. catchy.

    Also, that wreckage, is all of our make up. and not all of it. A selection of mine and ellens, and all of yours. which i find highly amusing.

    I must thank you for mentioning me on the side bar too. It make me proud that my talent has been recognised and commented on on the internet. One day, when im famous (notice that its when and not if) you will look back at those, with the rest of the world, and be so extremely proud that you will cry. And by then, i will be the most highly followed person on twitter. however, i do have to get it first.

    So anyone that has read the side bar, and is reading this comment (which means you are exceptionally cool, especially if you read the whole thing, rather than small sections were you hope to piece it all together to get the gist, *cough LIZBETH cough*) go and look at the last post, and read the comment on that. That is possibly my longest, but im sure the others are more interesting. anyway. read them. and comment like them. i am starting a trend. so follow it.


    Anyway, i am typing this on franks laptop which ,makes a change, so i should thank her for letting me use it. Even though she kind of thrusted it at me and said “comment. I’ll be back in 10. Finish by then or else” or something like that anyway.

    I would also like to point out how frank has not brought or given her father or brother birthday cards, so i am posting this for then:


    i thought they deserved seperate ones. because theyre special (needs)

    i have also come into possesion, as of today, of a soldering iron. this could be bad. i like hot stuff. especially solder and fire. so sorry if this is my last comment. I might have burnt my fingers off, or soldered my eyes together.

    Good night and god bless.

    I think that is what religious people say. and they might say the lord/north prayer before they go to bed too. i don’t know.

    either way, bye.

    xxxx 🙂


    1. Firstly, Isobel, if you’re going to be a professional sub-blogger, you need to sort your spelling and grammar. It’s like translating something into English.


      Finally, I have, instead of buying a card, written ‘Happy Birthday’ down my arms, which is cheaper. Okay, so you wrote it. BUT IT WAS MY IDEA (and inspired by Chantal Claret’s ‘RIP’ and ‘VIP’).

      Secondly finally, please don’t set yourself on fire. That’s Elizabeth’s job.


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