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Never Again Will I Bitch About the Rain… Or Take My Taps for Granted.

I’m supposed to be catching up on the Everest-sized mountain of work I missed when I was off last week (I suffer from Pansy Insides Syndrome, so when I get colds and swallow phlegm my stomach tries to turn itself inside out. It fails and I end up on medication). My plans to become a model student have been somewhat stunted by the weather. I am of the firm belief that after 28°C one should do nothing but sit in the garden. Today it’s 30° and since I have to work, I stuck on an outfit that resembles that of a thirty-something tennis player and raided the kitchen… To be told that the water’s been turned off because Dad’s building the bathroom.

All of it. There is none left in the house, because I went on autopilot and flushed the loo (not that I’m that desperate, but I tried to wash my hands then remembered the taps are useless).  Wait, I lie. There is water – I nearly slipped in some drips from the ceiling earlier.

So, since I can’t concentrate, I read the dodgy part of Heaven Help Us and engaged in a discussion about fairy lights on the MCRmy post.

When you can sit through a fictional story about an ex-priest and a short dude getting it on, both based on guys from MCR – with an MCR poster peering accusingly over your shoulder -you know you’re dehydrated. Which made me think… How do people in drought-prone regions manage? I’m being serious. The country has stopped – I think Ellen and Ross’s school went to the beach today. That’s cool, but they had sun cream and hats and money for drinks.  While the UK is pissing about a hose pipe ban that lasts a fortnight, there are entire countries that never have enough water, and what they do have is contaminated with cholera or is a malaria breeding ground.

  Since the Earth is two-thirds water, I don’t see how that’s fair. Sadly (and despite all rumours) I’m not an all-powerful being, so I can’t snap my fingers and tip half the Atlantic into the Sahel. Instead I’ve changed the Social Vibe widget on the sidebar from To Write Love On Her Arms to Charity:Water. I’m pretty sure most of you don’t notice it anymore, but Social Vibe is an organisation that partners various charities. When people click on the widget and complete mini-surveys and quizzes for the sponsors of the charities, the sponsor makes a ‘micro-donation’ to the charity.  When one person completes something, not a whole lot happens to save the whales or cure cancer… But if a whole lot of people do, stuff starts to happen. Since it started, Charity:Water has raised $68,301 using Social Vibe. Apparently that’s eighty-eight percent of its goal progress.

If you lot don’t help it get up to ninety per cent, I’ll yell at you all. It turns out I’m good at that. So get going.

12 thoughts on “Never Again Will I Bitch About the Rain… Or Take My Taps for Granted.

  1. you asked it to rain did you not? well rain you got. and thunder, lightning, hail, and angry tidbury sisters. we had to walk to the bus stop in kent elms through that.

    urgh. im still wet.

    x 🙂


    1. I know, I saw your mum in the hairdresser’s 🙂

      We had PE just before it started to storm, and we were so sticky with the humidity that I took a shower afterwards.

      Came out of the PE block and it was tipping it down… I’m still not really dry.


      1. It rained rather a lot today. So me and my clever little friendies decided to go to the park, like the intelligent people that we are.

        Yes I sobel, Bear Grylls is a very stupid man! he threw himself into that ‘unescapable’ bush! What an idiot.

        Unlucky about the water Frank.

        I really wish we would stop complaining about the weather in England! Whatever the weatherm it’s just not good enough for the British people!

        Oh yeah, I did forget about the little charity thing, I shall now go and do whatever it is you are supposed to do for it and feel good about myself for the day.

        I am very glad that I had Monday off, It will make my week feel very very short, especially as I have Thursday off, which should be fun, and I get to avoid lessons on Friday helping out with year 6’s on induction day as I am an awesome Prefect! Well sort of, okay, I’m not, but I shall still try to pretend I am an awesome prefect for one day. I think even I can manage ONE day! Maybe. We’ll see…

        Anyway, I’m off to do your charity thing. Bye.


      2. Frank, (Isobel, notice I spelt her name right this time) are you proud of me and my big, long comment?? That must be my longest comment ever!

        Anyway, Yasas!


      3. I am very proud, well done! Keep up the good work and you’ll get two gold stars 😀

        I never noticed that you spelt my name wrong… Anyway, you’re a lucky sod getting time off. Would you mind being in my Media coursework? (not related, but whatever)

        Thank you for the charity work 🙂


      4. I didn’t notice either, but Isobel say’s I did. Ah well.

        Yeah sure I’ll be in your media thing…whatever that involves?

        I hope you noticed your little number thing going up on your little charity box thingy. 🙂


  2. aahhh. poor frank. the good news is that ellen got stuck on a train because of the heat, and had to travel artound the long way on buses.

    it made me laugh.

    frank, if your that desperate for water, i suggest you search for freds poo in the garden. that guy that ross likes called bear grills or something, did something with elephant poo so that a weird watery liquid poured out. he drank it. urgh. and tyhen he demonstrated getting nstuck in a bush, which most people dont get out of for days.

    hes not a clever guy. because im sure the camera crew had litres and gallons of water. why not ask them?!

    x 🙂


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