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Doing My Sisterly Duty…

For those of you that don’t know, today is my not-quite-sister Isobel’s birthday. So, in true almost-sisterly fashion, I’ve decided to embarrass the hell out of her with some photos and anecdotes I’ve accumulated over the past year.

  •   The time she made me coffee for breakfast, forgot about the frother thingy on the machine and nearly killed us both with hot milk… I told her she was mad, she replied “I’m not, I’m making the best coffee you’ve ever had… Shit.” I believe the toaster had malfunctioned. That same day she announced she’s going to be a ‘barrister’ when she grows up. ‘Barista’, darling, but God help us either way.

  • Isobel and her BFF, her sleeping bag:

  • And, finally, what she thinks of me:

Happy birthday! Now I don’t need to buy you anything xx

In other news, Urban Dictionary thinks I’m awesome, Saudi Arabian women have gotten the right to vote and Dan’s been bitching about the new Facebook layout to Dan.

I’m pretty sure I have more videos in my YouTube history to irritate you with, but all in good time…


14 thoughts on “Doing My Sisterly Duty…

  1. Damn it!!!!!!! I held the enter button down for 30 seconds so there was a huge blank space. it didnt come out right though. 😦 x


      1. Lucky you….. Infact, when i grow up, i think i should come up with ideas for midsomer murders. i won’t write them, because i can’t write scripts, or anything else for that matter, but i’ll think up of the plots. or maybe just how the murder is done. i’m not imaginative enough to come up with the twisty bit at the end of each series and episode.

        anyway, i thought this because yesterday, i was watching some guys cut down a tree, and sticking the wood into the shreddery thing, and morbidly thought “Nobody has been murdered and then shredded by one of those things yet.” which means in a way, i have a bit of a sick mind, which i don’t, but it was just a wondering thought.

        But it is true. People have been guillotine-d alive, shut in spiky magicians boxes without the spikes actually retrating like they’re supposed to, or cut into pieces and stashed in a box (did i mention that this comment isn’t for the weak-minded/stomached?) and also sterilised by 2000 degree water in a bottle factory, so that they’re skin blisters and melts. Gruesome, i know. Oh, and my mums favourite, a man pinned down with croquet thingys, an having his own vintage wine thrown at him whilst his wife shouts directions at the murderer. Oh, and the tv box wine drowning. that one is funny actually.

        Oh, and the one where the guy gets his head crushed in his own electric sliding door. What it was doing there, i can’t remember, but it was quite a recent one.

        Annnnyyywayyyy, i’ll shut up, cos i could go on forever, but i already sound like a sick-minded, death-obsessed, murder freak, which i assure you, i am NOT.

        So, er, i like Midsomer Murders. i think you may have got the gist of that though. Especially if you read all of that.

        Oh, and Me and Frank are doing a bootsale this Sunday, so come and buy stuff. (I have nice new jewellery for sale!!! Nice and cheap too. despite it being worth £10 a piece. Come, and i’ll explain it to you. Unless i have already told you.)

        But yeah. come and give us your money.

        Bel x 🙂

        P.s. The jewellery is NOT stolen, i promise. I don’t come from a criminal background.

        P.p.s. This is not an advertisement for Midsomer Murders. Infact, i dislike ITV1, because of its adverts.

        P.p.s. I blame any grammatical and spellin errors on my laptop. Im still not used to it. And never will be.

        x :0

        P.p.p.s. Last one! – – – i did say i would make the next comment longer. happy?!

        hasn’t been a cannibal et either. Wait, there may have been.


  2. Ah, all is good. My mid-teen crisis is all good. The killer bunny pic is back. I figured it was because i mis typed my email address. I had to type in all the details again…. computer has it saved, but laptop doesn’t.

    Now, to think of a name for this wonderful shiny new machine i am typing this on.

    these are my top ones from a baby name website. It gives options like “Baby names for future chefs” which are like Tarragon, herb for a boy, and Quinn or Rosemary for a girl.

    I like…

    Butler (Future achiever, and also the name of a bodyguard in the books im reading.)

    Hermes (future doctor. Pretty bad idea if you ask me. Someone could mistake you for Dr. Herpes. Especially with my handwriting.)

    Francesca – i wouldn’t name my laptop this, but i thought you might like to know that this is a mname for a future Mortician. Look it up if you have to. I had to.

    I give up. Im gonna call it whatever i feel like calling it. Which works both ways really.

    x 🙂

    Longest comment you’ve ever had???? Im gonna make it longer next time….. 🙂


  3. oh agnes i did. I very much enjoyed my ********* or, it could also be spelt ****** . Either way, jemma wont find out.

    To the rest of you, if i mention what ag got me, DON’T TELL JEMMA!!!!!!! Only because ag is getting jem the same thing too.

    hmmm. my killer bunny icon has disappeared…. must be the new laptop…

    x 🙂


    1. I like sleeping bags and I like presents. I’m sure Jemma will love her *******.
      Yep, new laptop, I had the same thing 🙂 Hail the new laptop!

      Wait, I’ve just realised the Killer Bunny’s returned. Whatever.


  4. Lovely sleeping bag, where did you get it? My one comes with a pair and you can zip them togeher. My mum seems to think that I want to share a sleepingbag with someone…

    I know, you really wanted to know. I can tell.

    Anyway, happy birthday for yesterday bel:)
    And i hope you enjoyed my present (past tense…) 🙂


  5. Oh god……but im honoured, i must admit. as i recall, you didnt do this for ellen. Just like her own mother didnt buy her a greek necklace as she did for you and i, or various other things. But thats because we are special. very special. (any of you saying needs after that sentence, even in your head, suck.)

    But hey, ellen, on your 16th, we have some ace videos of you dancing at the unit that we can post. fab dancing, i must admit, but you do look a bit special, or strange in it.

    Thanks Frank, for the best blog you have ever done. of ourse its the best, its about me. However, i do not appreciate the picture of me and my crumpets at 10 in the morning, looking like we just got up. Well, we did. Oh, but i dont sleep with my crumpets.

    whatever. Thank you.

    x 🙂


    1. I didn’t do it for Ellen because a) I didn’t have a load of photos hanging around (that will change) and b) that weekend I was running around like a headless chicken trying to finish my Media coursework.

      All in good time 😀

      You’re welcome xx


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