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This is Why They Have Scripts…

Don’t you just love some cold, hard, reality?! I never need to watch the news again. No one has to take a Business Studies GCSE again either.


I’m going to Stratford-upon-Avon for a couple of days tomorrow, so if my camera decides to work I’ll take some highly technical, visually brilliant pictures of Shakespeare’s hometown and probably a couple of Elizabeth asleep (because you all want to see that) and post them on here at some point before Christmas. Don’t hold your breath though, I have a long list of homework that, no matter how much I sit and stare at it, doesn’t get done…


3 thoughts on “This is Why They Have Scripts…

  1. urrrggggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The layout of everything when you read this on email has all changed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I may go on strike. Until WordPress get their act together, AND STOP MESSING WITH THE FRIKKIN LAYOUT OF THE SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rant over. For now anyway.

    Have fun in stratford. I get a lie-in on saturday, thank the lord (I think the lord is god, yes??? I am still learning.)

    And today, i am going shopping. In my own house.

    I know. exciting right.

    Nah, its online. off to buy my chem merch, and new tops. i always wear the same 4 tops, so here is me being more imaginative. Still, i cant wait for them to arrive in the post. But damn the site for not selling some of the best merch in the uk. I really wanted MouseKat Mess and the show pony candyfloss writing one.

    but bye for now. i have work from yesterday to be doing. we got sent homne from school, but they still set us work.



    Bel and Milo. x 🙂

    P.s. Did i mention the gossip of the week??? Jemma has a crush on a new science teacher. the one who looks like a mix of people. ahhhhhh xxxx


    1. Solution 1: Read on the actual site by clicking the blog title when it’s in your inbox.

      Solution 2 that isn’t a solution: you can buy My Chem merch in the UK, it converts to dollars out your account. So instead of paying $20 you pay something like £15.78, depending on the exchange rate. EXCEPT ISOBEL, I’M BUYING THOSE T-SHIRTS. I ASKED FOR THEM FOR MY BIRTHDAY, DID NOT GET THEM AND AM NOW BUYING THEM. SOMETHING I TOLD YOU A LONG TIME AGO.

      Hissy fit over.

      Solution 3: take pictures of the teacher, and post them on Facebook. Okay, not a solution, but potentially quite funny.


    2. there are multiple reasons within that comment causing me to now ignore you…

      …..but i still love you, i suppose.


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