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This is Why They Have Scripts…

Don’t you just love some cold, hard, reality?! I never need to watch the news again. No one has to take a Business Studies GCSE again either.


I’m going to Stratford-upon-Avon for a couple of days tomorrow, so if my camera decides to work I’ll take some highly technical, visually brilliant pictures of Shakespeare’s hometown and probably a couple of Elizabeth asleep (because you all want to see that) and post them on here at some point before Christmas. Don’t hold your breath though, I have a long list of homework that, no matter how much I sit and stare at it, doesn’t get done…

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Please Tell Me It’s the Firebell

  Monday marks the start of the second half of my legal time at high school. Sadly, I know I am doing sixth form so the glitz has worn off slightly, but I feel that the time has come to review my school life *gulp*

  So, what have I done so far in years Seven, Eight and half of Nine?

  1) Uhh… Homework. Yeah, I do my homework. That gets me points, I think.

  2) I have friends. Seriously, I am not making this up. One of them bummed round my house today. They call me Frank. It is very nice.

  3) I can’t think of another one.

  What would I like to do in the next two-and-a-half-years?

  Let’s see, make some cash. Cash is good, cash buys me ink and paper, CDs and orange nail varnish.

  MUSIC. Tune my violin, play my violin, learn to change my guitar strings without shredding my fingers. It’s a skill for life, you know.

  Pass my GCSEs. On a whim.

  See MCR in concert. But you already knew that.

  Now, kids, go and give some money to Haiti and some more money to Sport Relief (a guy dressed up as Cheryl Cole and I am not afraid to say he was pretty hot). Then give any money you have left to and give money to whoever sells your favourite skirt. Even if you are a guy, you will want to purchase a tartan skirt.

  That is a fact.

  I think I will also laugh some more at Jimmy Urine’s hair and JLS’ baggy jeans. They are the shaved head to Pete Wentz’s emo fringe. Of course, Pete shaved his head onstage – to be honest I can’t see Marvin and Ortisé getting on a pair of skinnies during One Shot.