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In Which I Shamlessly Promote My Own Work

I’ve bombarded you all with things I like to read, now I’m going to bombard you with things  I’ve written. Or made on Photoshop.

First off, I made a DeviantART profile. I actually had one ages ago, but I got fed up with reading comments and summaries by people who thought that their ability to draw a straight line made them a gift from God, so I deleted it. Now, since very few of you have been on Self-Publishing on the Interwebz, and fewer of you have commented – don’t look at me like that, I have statistics for these things – I thought I’d make a separate profile on which you can all browse arty stuff to your heart’s content.

Secondly, I’ve finished An Emoshitter’s Guide to the Galaxy. FictionPress.com allows you to comment if you don’t have an account (I think DeviantART does too, actually), so get reading. There’s six chapters made of three haikus. That’s three hundred and six syllables. Most of you say more than that in your sleep. Or in sub-blogs, at any rate…

I reckon we have maybe two weeks until I can sit and write an un-scheduled blog. Indifferent Ignorance would like to thank you for your patience and remind you that there is a comment box for any complaints or queries you have regarding post-scheduling.

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Literature Appreciation Post #1

Starting a theme of not-current filler posts here, to keep you all entertained while I slave away over AS World Development papers and A Level option forms. Today, I think, I’ll do a literature-appreciation post, since I do MCR-appreciation posts and moving image-appreciation posts.

The Current Book

The book I’m currently reading is Alan Moore’ Watchmen, although ‘reading’ is a bit of a strong word; I think I last opened it in October, my current bedtime reading consists of sixth-form prospectuses.

I’ve been trying to get into more comics, actually, but my local library doesn’t seem to like stocking issues in order, and I have to start stories at the beginning. So give me a few years to track down the first of Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol, which I hear is good.

The Book Sat on My Shelf That I’ve Fancied Rereading Recently

A book I’ve fancied rereading and probably won’t until about 2014 is Anna Godbersen’s Luxe series, which is the only teen romance saga I’ve ever genuinely wanted to be a part of. It’s set back in the day when men wore hats and were (usually) incredibly polite to women. “May I have this dance?” was nowdays’ “Get yer coat, love, yer pulled.” On the downside, we didn’t have the vote.The Series I Never Finished

Justin Richards’ The Invisible Detective. I’m not sure how many books there are in this series, but I lost track after the fifth or so. They’re pretty brilliant, set partially in the 21st century and partially in the 1930s, following four teenagers who set up a detective business using a men’s overcoat and hearsay. I seem to remember they were more effective than the News of the World ever was, anyway…

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Call This a Disclaimer for the Next Month of Possible Silence.

This could be my last post in a while (a while being anything from five days to four weeks), because I have mocks in a fortnight and I quite need to pass them, since if I’m ill during actual GCSEs, my grades are predicted/made up using my mock grades. However, I will try to line up some stuff to post while I’m getting angry at trigonometry and the Stresemann era.

So, to keep you all occupied while I’m away:

Enjoy The Graham Norton Show

Watch The Men Who Stare At Goats and laugh at all the Jedi references

Stare at the wonderful piece of merchandise I’m going to buy myself after mocks (from a UK store because it sold out. A nice Killjoy on the boards found me a website that stocks it):

Have a good week and don’t forget to watch Children In Need on Friday and give them all your hard-earned money!

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Join the MCRmy. We Don’t Always Win Stuff, But the Admin Team is Pretty Nice.

Do you all remember when I told you all to vote for MCR at this year’s European Music Awards? Well, you clearly all ignored me, since 30 Seconds To Mars won both categories, but no matter. The point is, I entered a mini-competition on the MCRmy boards to design a banner that would go on various websites, encouraging people to vote. I played around on Photoshop one evening and made this:

It didn’t get picked (can’t think why) but I did get sent a present by one of the admin team, Tina, for participating.

Makes it kind of worthwhile, don’t you think? Although it’s clearly been sitting in a warehouse for five years, judging by the tear at the bottom and the fact the poster’s excited about Black Parade being available now.

While on the subject of My Chem, I have some self promoting to do: remember 10 Days? (Anyone frowning and scratching their head right now should be ashamed.) You were all quite excited for the first four or five posts and the final one, but I have no comments whatsoever for at least three days. Which is a bit shit, because I put a lot of effort into the whole thing. So I’d appreciate it if you could go and hover your cursor over Self-Publishing on the Interwebz at the top of the page, click the ‘My Chemical Romance’ thing that appears magically, and get reviewing. Because I can’t do these sorts of projects if I don’t know what the majority of you think of them.

Happy Wednesday!

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Moving Image Appreciation Post #2

It’s been a while since I’ve bombarded you with videos I think everyone in the whole world everywhere should see. So you can all have a nice relaxing Sunday evening and enjoy the following:

Caro Emerald: Stuck


I first heard Caro’s song That Man at Isobel’s earlier this year, and I think she’s brilliant. Jazz music and dancing. Who actually needs anything else?

My Chemical Romance – Summertime (acoustic)


I love this song, it is beautiful. Your argument is invalid.

Killjoys’ Sabbath


Manila 2019: The Reprisal


Why did everyone wait until after 10 Years, 10 Days to make awesome videos?!

Random Girl Miming and Dancing to Mindless Self Indulgence’s Get It Up


I didn’t actually sit through that. Anyone who did can have something for free.