Lists · November 2011

Literature Appreciation Post #1

Starting a theme of not-current filler posts here, to keep you all entertained while I slave away over AS World Development papers and A Level option forms. Today, I think, I’ll do a literature-appreciation post, since I do MCR-appreciation posts and moving image-appreciation posts.

The Current Book

The book I’m currently reading is Alan Moore’ Watchmen, although ‘reading’ is a bit of a strong word; I think I last opened it in October, my current bedtime reading consists of sixth-form prospectuses.

I’ve been trying to get into more comics, actually, but my local library doesn’t seem to like stocking issues in order, and I have to start stories at the beginning. So give me a few years to track down the first of Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol, which I hear is good.

The Book Sat on My Shelf That I’ve Fancied Rereading Recently

A book I’ve fancied rereading and probably won’t until about 2014 is Anna Godbersen’s Luxe series, which is the only teen romance saga I’ve ever genuinely wanted to be a part of. It’s set back in the day when men wore hats and were (usually) incredibly polite to women. “May I have this dance?” was nowdays’ “Get yer coat, love, yer pulled.” On the downside, we didn’t have the vote.The Series I Never Finished

Justin Richards’ The Invisible Detective. I’m not sure how many books there are in this series, but I lost track after the fifth or so. They’re pretty brilliant, set partially in the 21st century and partially in the 1930s, following four teenagers who set up a detective business using a men’s overcoat and hearsay. I seem to remember they were more effective than the News of the World ever was, anyway…


2 thoughts on “Literature Appreciation Post #1

  1. WEIRRRRDDDDD. I looked at The Luxe set on my bookshelves a few days ago and thought “You know what, I might read them again, just so i can figure out the love triangle/penatgon/octagon whatever shape it may be” Great minds think alike.

    Someone said you wanted to do 7 A Levels.

    Don’t. Coming from the sister of someone who does 4, i beg you, please don’t even try.

    Or, put it this way. The pain/ache you get in your wrist from typing and writing. Triple it.

    And i don’t think it’s actually allowed….. one girl who has been a straight A* student in my school is doing 5. But she has no social life.

    And if that was just a rumour, excuse the rant. If it wasn’t, take the advice and the message.

    x 🙂

    p.s. i keep getting called francesca by my maths teacher. we did imaginary numbers last lesson. what stupid things they are. x 🙂


    1. Bel, it’s impossible to do 7 A Levels. You do four plus General Studies, and drop to three at A2, or do five plus General Studies and drop to four at A2, unless I have been misinformed.

      I’ll tell you what I’m taking when I choose them.

      What is an imaginary number? What is its purpose? I doodled throughout Year Nine.


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