November 2011

Call This a Disclaimer for the Next Month of Possible Silence.

This could be my last post in a while (a while being anything from five days to four weeks), because I have mocks in a fortnight and I quite need to pass them, since if I’m ill during actual GCSEs, my grades are predicted/made up using my mock grades. However, I will try to line up some stuff to post while I’m getting angry at trigonometry and the Stresemann era.

So, to keep you all occupied while I’m away:

Enjoy The Graham Norton Show

Watch The Men Who Stare At Goats and laugh at all the Jedi references

Stare at the wonderful piece of merchandise I’m going to buy myself after mocks (from a UK store because it sold out. A nice Killjoy on the boards found me a website that stocks it):

Have a good week and don’t forget to watch Children In Need on Friday and give them all your hard-earned money!


5 thoughts on “Call This a Disclaimer for the Next Month of Possible Silence.

  1. Well that was interesting, I somehow managed to write a comment at exactly the same time as Isobels so I didn’t read that until after.

    Isobel, you’re just too clever and doing all our work 2 years before we did.

    I hope your arms feel better soon and that you enjoy your apple cakes. I’m certainly going to enjoy mine!

    Oh and Frank, that is an awesome necklace!


    1. I did Night of the Long Knives and the Reichstag Fire last June! I’m ahead of a year nine class! I can’t remember a whole lot of it though, if I’m honest… It all resulted in Hitler invading Poland, I know that much…

      Do revision and then read this as a reward?! That’s where my necklace-buying idea came from. 1st voice in head: “What will make Francesca work?” 2nd voice in head:”MCR merch she’s wanted for a year but the powers that be (parents) cannot work the Internet so it has so far been impossible to buy said merch.” 3rd voice: “Birthday money, Francesca, birthday money.”

      And so I shall be revising.

      The web address was given to me by someone on the Rmy boards after I asked about it. I’d never heard of the website, but when I dig it up I’ll let you know.


  2. It’s Children in Need on Friday?? Well now I feel bad because I believe it’s my house’s charity day at school…we’re raising money for the WWF. I think I have to dress up as a panda, should be interesting.

    Well I have exams too so you not blogging will probably be a good thing for me because it means I won’t come on my laptop to read it. I always end up getting distracted when I do and do no revison at all. Not good. Like now for example, I should be revision for my maths exam tomorrow (actual exam…help), my english controlled assessment on tuesday and thursday (it’s a retake, shows I needed to revise the first time. I got a B. I’m not very good at english though so I don’t actually think I can get any better. I will try though). I also have my french speaking exam on thursday and a load of quite important science mocks starting wednesday and speading out over a couple of weeks just to make my life just a little bit more fun…not. Yeah, I should be revising for them, but I’m reading this instead.

    Right I’m going now. Gotta remember how to do the cosine and tangent rule before…err…tomorrow morning.


  3. Ha, ive just done the stresemann era. Infact, that was what my mock controlled assessment was on, The Stresemann era, economic and political problems from 1918-32.
    And Ellen and I are both doin osmosis in biology at the moment. And she is about one history lesson infront of me – i’ve just done the reichstag fire and she’s on the Night of the long knives.

    Think thats all thats the same. Neither of you do spanish or engineering or food. Chemistry, im still doing rates of reactions. Been doing them since end of year 8. getting bored of them now. Although, i found out we’re supposed to have a year 10 girl in all our sciences, coz she was ill last year, so retaking year 9. Poor girl.
    Physics, i have no idea what we are doing because i can’t understand Mrs Wdjewanwandara. (No lies, that IS her name and how you spell it.)
    I think its energy and work. But she keeps saying wok.

    never mindy.

    I’m off to hoover the car and make money. Fun fun fun.

    sorry for spelling mistakes. Im tired.

    And my arms don’t function properly, due to being a human pin cushion/dartboard.

    x 🙂


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