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For Auld Lang Syne, My Dear, For Auld Lang Syne


  I’ve wanted to write this since sitting at a dinner table on Saturday night, but little things like food poisoning kept getting in the way (at least, that’s what I think I had. To be honest, I couldn’t give a crap what caused it, I just know it hurt like hell).

  Anyway, is anyone here from Scotland? Just slightly? Really, me too! That’s one of the reasons why I love this:

  Not Hamish (though I once met a Highland Cow named Hamish), the food. Which is, I believe, some inside part of a sheep. See, I said you have to like tartan to appreciate it. It was Burns Night on Monday, and as usual my family got together at the weekend at my grandmother’s to celebrate, drink and complain about the government. It was actually my grandfather who was from Glasgow, but let’s not quibble. I own a kilt. So I would like to say a very happy 251st birthday to Robbie Burns and have him know he did not infringe copyright by writing down Auld Lang Syne.

  While we’re on the subject of countries, take a peek at this:


  In case you haven’t already realised, it is an ethnicity form. It was given to me by my school last week to fill out and hand in, because the government wishes to waste time, pretend it’s doing something and collect useless data on how many ‘Travellers of Irish Decent’ are in grammar schools. Before SHSG try to suspend me for putting this on the net, it doesn’t have the school’s address and I’m doing it for the good of humankind, okay?

  Mum ticked off ‘White English’ because that’s what she and my dad say they are, but I kicked off because I’m not even half English, and anyway who wants to admit they’re from here? I prefer Malta, personally. I think I’ll tick ‘White European’ as I tan so well I  have been spoken to in Spanish as I’ve walked through airports coming back from the Med before. I considered ticking ‘Refused’ or ‘Not Yet Obtained’ or ‘Other’, just to see if I got a reaction…

  Happy Wednesday, and if you can, please tell me why there is no ‘White British’ on this list. Or, better yet, if Gordon Brown has to complete one.

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Take a looksie at my new favourite Christmas present, drawn for me by my very good friend AngryPills, aka Hollie. I am commissioning her for a sequel.




  Check her out on DeviantArt now. 

  Also, note the date. 


  To enlarge the picture and view its glory, double-click it.

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The Aroma of Homemade Starbucks

  This is my first attempt at blogging in colour. If I like it I may make the whole thing red. Or maybe green. Or perhaps purple.

  Anyway, I want to talk about this.



  Or more importantly, this. Or a version of it.


  My aunt and uncle bought my mother one for Christmas and since the beans run out this month I’ve ground away like a kid in the workhouse.

  But let me tell you, I got STYLE. You need just the right pressure, speed and angle to move the handle. I recommend a crouching position, or sitting on a chair.

  It’s amazingly therapeutic, hearing those beans get crunched up like someone’s head under the wheel of a car.

  I’m off to blog on Flyingtothestars. About Wolverine and Ghostbusters. Happy Monday.

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It’s a Small World After All….*visits Disneyland and the ride*

  Because today I discovered a really cool new song, purely down to Essex FM (as it was three years ago)…

  The Web of Infamous Non-Celebrities

  Late 2006: Essex Fm plays Welcome to the Black Parade and interviews Gerard Way. I discover My Chemical Romance over the course of the next year.

  2007: I visit Wikipedia to see if My Chem are interesting. They are, which I secretly already knew. They have also toured with Mindless Self Indulgence. MSI get a lot of crap due to fangirls visiting shows to see Mr. G. Way, whom their bassist (Lyn-Z) is married to.

  2008-2009: I read about MSI in Kerrang! magazine and they keep cropping up on YouTube comment boards when I listen to The Black Parade. I finally get tired of not being in the know and listen to them on YouTube.

  Later in 2009: They annoy and scare me.

  Even later in 2009: I listen to them again.

  Yeah, still 2009: I follow My Chem’s members and MSI on Twitter. I am scared by Jimmy Urine(the singer dude in Mindless Self Indulgence) once again, but realise he talks sense. I notice he frequently tweets @chantalclaret. I investigate (Look Mindless up on Wiki) and discover that Chantal Claret is Jimmy’s wife and sings in a New York band called Morningwood.

  TODAY: I am on the look out for new music so YouTube and Google search Morningwood. I listen to Best of Me and discover I am not scared by this new band.

  LATER TODAY: I realise I have heard of the show that Best of Me was the theme song of. It’s a spin-off of a reality TV show Ray Toro blogged about on the MCR website last April.

  Told ya.