COFFEE · January 2010

The Aroma of Homemade Starbucks

  This is my first attempt at blogging in colour. If I like it I may make the whole thing red. Or maybe green. Or perhaps purple.

  Anyway, I want to talk about this.



  Or more importantly, this. Or a version of it.


  My aunt and uncle bought my mother one for Christmas and since the beans run out this month I’ve ground away like a kid in the workhouse.

  But let me tell you, I got STYLE. You need just the right pressure, speed and angle to move the handle. I recommend a crouching position, or sitting on a chair.

  It’s amazingly therapeutic, hearing those beans get crunched up like someone’s head under the wheel of a car.

  I’m off to blog on Flyingtothestars. About Wolverine and Ghostbusters. Happy Monday.