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It’s a Small World After All….*visits Disneyland and the ride*

  Because today I discovered a really cool new song, purely down to Essex FM (as it was three years ago)…

  The Web of Infamous Non-Celebrities

  Late 2006: Essex Fm plays Welcome to the Black Parade and interviews Gerard Way. I discover My Chemical Romance over the course of the next year.

  2007: I visit Wikipedia to see if My Chem are interesting. They are, which I secretly already knew. They have also toured with Mindless Self Indulgence. MSI get a lot of crap due to fangirls visiting shows to see Mr. G. Way, whom their bassist (Lyn-Z) is married to.

  2008-2009: I read about MSI in Kerrang! magazine and they keep cropping up on YouTube comment boards when I listen to The Black Parade. I finally get tired of not being in the know and listen to them on YouTube.

  Later in 2009: They annoy and scare me.

  Even later in 2009: I listen to them again.

  Yeah, still 2009: I follow My Chem’s members and MSI on Twitter. I am scared by Jimmy Urine(the singer dude in Mindless Self Indulgence) once again, but realise he talks sense. I notice he frequently tweets @chantalclaret. I investigate (Look Mindless up on Wiki) and discover that Chantal Claret is Jimmy’s wife and sings in a New York band called Morningwood.

  TODAY: I am on the look out for new music so YouTube and Google search Morningwood. I listen to Best of Me and discover I am not scared by this new band.

  LATER TODAY: I realise I have heard of the show that Best of Me was the theme song of. It’s a spin-off of a reality TV show Ray Toro blogged about on the MCR website last April.

  Told ya.


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