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A Week in the Life of an Author/Freelancer/Stationery Shop Owner ft. Chronic Pain



Up. Coffee. Comb oil through my hair. Normally I do my hair on Wednesday and Sunday, but today I AM GOING OUT.


Do some Pilates. Really, the amount I’ve exercised this week, I should have at least one stomach muscle and no discernible bloating. Faff about with the housewarming gift for E and her other half, R. Spoiler alert they are getting plants.


Take a Covid test. I had to get tested for college a few weeks ago, and the pharmacy gave me a whole box. Figure I might as well do a test once a week until I run out, since the world’s opening up and I have plans. I loathe the entire process. Let’s just nearly choke to death on a cotton swab and then stick it up your nose. But I don’t have Covid! Yay! Unless I did the test wrong, or it’s a false result, or it hasn’t shown up yet –

Shampoo my hair and wreck my wardrobe and dresser in search of an outfit that fits a) the weather and b) the occasion. It’s been so long since I went to anything resembling an Event that I really can’t remember how to go about preparing.


Mum drops me off at E and R’s. Officially she’s being nice. Unofficially she wants to look round their house.


It is such a nice house! With a garden! I am so chuffed that I know people who got on the housing ladder before they’re 35. First sun cream application of the year. First gin-in-the-garden of the year. First normal event of, what, the last 18 months?


Back home. Make a cup of tea and fall asleep in front of Have I Got News for You.

image of Flaming Katy in a pot

3 thoughts on “A Week in the Life of an Author/Freelancer/Stationery Shop Owner ft. Chronic Pain

  1. I saw the caterpillar infested bush last week and wondered if you’d seen it too! It’s similar to the box caterpillar (which almost killed off our box hedges last year), but with no particular target plant – I’ve since seen the same caterpillar infestation in a rose bush elsewhere locally! Anyway, I enjoyed reading about a week in your life – very interesting! 😊 x


    1. Huh, I’ll have to look them up. I know there’s a type of insect (insect? Or maybe a spider, I can’t remember) that covers everything in gossamer. They look very cool/creepy in graveyards.

      Ahh thank you! It was unusually interesting. Most weeks are me at my desk working on one thing, then me at my desk working on another thing, and then multiple cups of tea and some walking!


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