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A Week in the Life of an Author/Freelancer/Stationery Shop Owner ft. Chronic Pain



The rule after a Bad Day is to take it easy, so I sleep in, meditate, then stare at a wall.


Work on some improvements my critique partner suggested. Make breakfast. Faff about, looking into potential writing opportunities. Can I afford/be bothered with most of them? Not today I can’t, no. But the story’s looking better already. (It’s not the story I was working on yesterday, it’s some edits for a secret-ish project.)


I’ve already been sitting down too long, so I do some of a Pilates DVD. It’s very cheery-presenter-let’s-get-that-perfect-body-ladies, and I’ve used it so much I can follow along with my eyes closed, but I don’t know the routines well enough to bypass the DVD altogether. It’s nice to have a cheerleader, anyway. I hurt my back a few weeks ago and it’s time to try to ease myself back in to moving for longer than twenty minutes at a time. I have hypermobility, so I injure easily – it’s probably how I hurt my wrists years and years ago, but until last summer I didn’t know that hypermobility and the injuries it causes aren’t degenerative. My wrists can actually get better (well, not worse, which is enough for me). I can pre-emptively avoid injuring myself, apparently, with gentle exercise that strengthens my joints, but avoid overworking them. I’m still learning the balance.


Remember I have not showered. Shower. Do some hand physio because what is wrong with them lately. STOP ACHING. They probably hurt because I took time off after I handed in my final college assignment, and now I’m writing again. This is the last entry in action.


Put on Maggie Stiefvater’s writing seminar. It’s been so long since I sat and planned a story that I need to go back to basics. Also, it’s a great seminar and feels like comfort-watching. I’m biased because I already love her storytelling, and the seminar was a gift so I wouldn’t have felt like I’ve wasted my money if I don’t learn anything, but it really is useful. You can buy it here.


Lunch. Go to the post office to offload my stationery order and the jumpsuit. Notice a hedge that’s been overrun by caterpillars. They’ve made a spider’s web-type thing. Cool. (Maybe not for the hedge?)


Put on the seminar. Fall asleep (sorry Maggie). Walk to the shops and stop at my nan’s.


Mooch about online, do some admin and work on the Do Something Directory. My to do lists have to do lists. It’s gonna be lit, though, as the kids say (do they say?).


Work on this blog, catch up on some shop admin. Work on a different blog post. Dinner.


Catch up with Natalie Haynes Stands Up for the Classics (best show on the radio), do some reading (hi Bertrand).


Bed. That’s the other rule after a Bad Day: bedtime is whenever I decide the world needs to piss off. Sometimes it’s half past six in the evening. Sometimes it’s 1am. Sometimes this rule applies on all the days, not just bad ones.

image of handwriting and notes from Maggie Stiefvater's writing seminar

3 thoughts on “A Week in the Life of an Author/Freelancer/Stationery Shop Owner ft. Chronic Pain

  1. I saw the caterpillar infested bush last week and wondered if you’d seen it too! It’s similar to the box caterpillar (which almost killed off our box hedges last year), but with no particular target plant – I’ve since seen the same caterpillar infestation in a rose bush elsewhere locally! Anyway, I enjoyed reading about a week in your life – very interesting! 😊 x


    1. Huh, I’ll have to look them up. I know there’s a type of insect (insect? Or maybe a spider, I can’t remember) that covers everything in gossamer. They look very cool/creepy in graveyards.

      Ahh thank you! It was unusually interesting. Most weeks are me at my desk working on one thing, then me at my desk working on another thing, and then multiple cups of tea and some walking!


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