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A Week in the Life of an Author/Freelancer/Stationery Shop Owner ft. Chronic Pain



Up. Coffee. Walk. No ducks today.


Maggie’s seminar and some Pilates.


Remember to shower, then go through my stationery stock. My stuff is on display at a local pop up market this week and they’re nearly out of one print, so I dig out some more pieces and arrange to drop them off. Tidy up my cupboards and do some admin for my Folksy shop.


Lunch. I’ve had a stomach ache on and off for a few days. IBS? Stress? Both? Who knows. One exacerbates the other. It’s probably residual stress from finishing my diploma and, I don’t know, living through a pandemic. Do some of the seminar and some reading – Vladimir Nabokov, get me. I’ve almost finished Lolita and god I have thoughts.


Go for a walk with my mum and it’s warm enough to… take my hoodie off. What is this, May? Stop at my nan’s for a cup of tea.


Finish up my newsletter and schedule it for Friday. Do some more shop admin, because I was lax while I finished my diploma. Arrange a Zoom call with my friend T. Work on this post.


Remember that Wednesday is the day I wash my hair. My routine is to comb olive oil through it using one of those tangle teaser brushes, leave the oil on for a few hours and shampoo it out. Bloody works, mate. You just have to be careful what you touch while you’re fermenting. I need to invest in one of those bonnet things.

Work on the Do Something Directory. Look on the internet for work I can fit around everything else (by everything else, I mean chronic pain). There’s jack shit available that doesn’t require heavy lifting. Or a car. Or eight years of previous experience.


Shampoo my hair. My curls are coming back in, 6 years after I started bleaching them, then cut off a foot of damaged hair. Yessss

Look for jobs again. There is still, shockingly, jack shit. This is becoming another Bad Day.


Watch The Great British Sewing Bee in bed. It is hard to be in a bad or sad mood when the Great British Sewing Bee is on. Well, you can forget how shit you feel while you’re watching, anyway. Finish Lolita. I still have thoughts.

3 thoughts on “A Week in the Life of an Author/Freelancer/Stationery Shop Owner ft. Chronic Pain

  1. I saw the caterpillar infested bush last week and wondered if you’d seen it too! It’s similar to the box caterpillar (which almost killed off our box hedges last year), but with no particular target plant – I’ve since seen the same caterpillar infestation in a rose bush elsewhere locally! Anyway, I enjoyed reading about a week in your life – very interesting! 😊 x


    1. Huh, I’ll have to look them up. I know there’s a type of insect (insect? Or maybe a spider, I can’t remember) that covers everything in gossamer. They look very cool/creepy in graveyards.

      Ahh thank you! It was unusually interesting. Most weeks are me at my desk working on one thing, then me at my desk working on another thing, and then multiple cups of tea and some walking!


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