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A Week in the Life of an Author/Freelancer/Stationery Shop Owner ft. Chronic Pain



Up. Coffee. Walk. (I know I’m waking up later and later. We in the mental health department call this ‘who knows why this happens, but let’s roll with it.’) Loan my brother some hairbands for his lockdown hair. It’s a bit of a David Beckham look.


Maggie’s seminar. Do some work for a client. It involves food photos and I am very here for it.


Finally do some tarot readings for the No. 1 Readers’ Club on Patreon. It’s been on my to do list for at least a fortnight, but it’s quite time consuming (six patrons ‘qualify’ through their respective tiers, and three of them get three card readings. This is a lot, reader). Last month I did a video, which took forever. This time I try taking photos of the cards and writing little descriptions for each person. A couple are scarily accurate.


Remember that most professionals shower before midday. Shower. Message S about some unsolicited emails from someone who found me on LinkedIn. S is very experienced in the world of corporate nonsense, and it’s fun to compare notes.

Do some reading and more of the seminar. I’m instinctively a very seat-of-your-pants writer, but that often means that I start things with no real idea of where they’re going, then give up until the muse visits. (Reader, the muse rarely visits, especially not at 8am on a weekday when you’d like her to.) Following Maggie’s steps to plan something out before I start writing, especially if I can combine her advice with how my brain works, will make life easier.


Watch an online lecture about cynicism and stoicism. If you’re not into ancient Greece or philosophy, you’ll have to trust me when I tell you that if you are into those things, it was fun.


Go for a walk. What is this nice weather? Finish up some client work for the day, have some lunch. Still stomach ache-y. Pretty confident at this point that it’s residual bad feeling from all those job listings.


Zoom call with T. We put the world to rights – mostly about Eurovision – and talk about creative work. They’re an artist, I’m a writer, and we hold each other accountable, work wise. It’s nice to have mates who get the creative process.


Dinner. Phone my nan. Continue with Maggie’s seminar and my notes for a potential story.

Work on the Do Something Directory. How is the to do list growing? How long should it take to write a style guide?


Fuss about online. One of my patrons has had an eerily accurate tarot reading. I know that because I already know her, so it was easy to interpret the cards, but it’s still a bit strange when the cards are spot on. Message my cousin, E, about finally visiting her new house, and browse the clothes swap group.


YouTube is playing Don’t Stand So Close to Me. Nice Lolita ref. Do some Pilates and head to bed.

image of the Raven's Prophecy tarot, showing the Ace of Swords and the Emperor

3 thoughts on “A Week in the Life of an Author/Freelancer/Stationery Shop Owner ft. Chronic Pain

  1. I saw the caterpillar infested bush last week and wondered if you’d seen it too! It’s similar to the box caterpillar (which almost killed off our box hedges last year), but with no particular target plant – I’ve since seen the same caterpillar infestation in a rose bush elsewhere locally! Anyway, I enjoyed reading about a week in your life – very interesting! 😊 x


    1. Huh, I’ll have to look them up. I know there’s a type of insect (insect? Or maybe a spider, I can’t remember) that covers everything in gossamer. They look very cool/creepy in graveyards.

      Ahh thank you! It was unusually interesting. Most weeks are me at my desk working on one thing, then me at my desk working on another thing, and then multiple cups of tea and some walking!


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