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Merry Christmas Snowflakes, Here’s a Delightful Story to Warm Your Bones

I wrote it and everything.

Big thank yous to Lakshmy Mathur for the artwork and Martin who runs Story Shack for sorting out my weird formatting.

Season’s greetings snowflakes!

If you could tell me what you think it would be like receiving a gift from you. As opposed to for you, and let’s face it every blog ever is a gift for you. A badly-wrapped, misshapen Dobby-like gift.

Okay it’s time to hit the Christmas snacks. Happy birthday Jesus!




4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Snowflakes, Here’s a Delightful Story to Warm Your Bones

  1. Well you, could do a not so sickly story about for Valentines, a chocolate orientated one for Easter, er, something about cults for Summer Solstice, or something scary for Halloween. And another one of these ones for Xmas. Then the whole year is covered. 🙂



  2. I love this so much, it’s on par with the coffee/red nail varnish story. You should write more of these festive wintery ones. And the drawings are equally great too.



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