December 2013 · The Ten O'Clock News

The Ten O’Clock News: There’s a Word for What Happens to Your Nose When You Have a Cold!

Actually I don’t think there is. When I started this post I felt sure I could come up with a term, but the thing about colds is that they render the brain completely useless.

So any suggestions are welcome. So far I’ve considered:

  • Tissue rash
  • Snotticus nasalrash
  • Sneeze-induced face rash
  • Notevenmedicationcansolvethis

Ugh. Help.


9 thoughts on “The Ten O’Clock News: There’s a Word for What Happens to Your Nose When You Have a Cold!

  1. I am not too young! Especially as it is at home., and in the UK:

    Any child aged five or over can drink at home when supervised (ideally) by parents.

    A child aged 16-17 can drink beer, wine or cider with a meal in public as long as it is bought by an adult, and they person is supervised by said adult.

    And everyone of course knows the deal with being 18 🙂

    Anyway, I bet Jesus was drinking wine and whatnot from a very very young age. Especially off he kept turning water into the good old stuff.

    Oooh, here’s a question for you, and any other Religiousy people – at what age did Jesus start making miracles happen? I mean, would h turn the water given to him as a toddler to wine, or did that just happen when he too, hit 18? Just food for thought.



    1. Nothing is known really about JC, as his friends called him, between the age of twelve and thirty, which is when he rocked up with the God stuff. Turning water into wine was actually his first miracle, or sign – it signifies the start of his ministry and the chain of events leading to his crucifixion and the saving of humanity.

      You’re welcome, AS RS!

      Plus you know way too much about drinking rights.


  2. Linking it to alcohol makes me kind of sad because alcohol is a life saver/great help to my emotions.
    But Notevenmedicationcansolvethis has to be my fave, because my god, my life would be so much better of there was a kind of medication to solve it. It is unreal how much I get this.



    1. Isobel you are too young to be drink dependant listen here young lady you must do the no-alcohol January I would do it too except most alcohol is icky and we’re out of the stuff I do like anyway.

      Notevenmedicationcansolvethis may be a book name.

      As in mine, for the record.


    2. They will never cure the common cold as they ‘medical companies’ make too much money from cold remedies – despite the number of days that people have off work. However that is the cynical side to my ideas about curing the cold, but as a group of viruses the rhino virus is able to change its protein coat often thus outwitting the white blood cells of the immune system. There are other viruses that cause death that need to be cured sooner than the common cold.


      1. Definitely. Although I’d love to see drug companies’ employees when everyone’s got a winter cold… I like to think there’s an always-chipper boss saying “Now scientists, you helped develop the medicine you need! Take the 2-in-1 capsules and you’ll be just fine in a day or two!”

        Then the employees sneeze on their favourite coffee mug…


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