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I Was Thinking About Sherlock‘s Imminent Return and Had a Mild Epiphany…

Rookie Mistake  Then I remembered some blue paper that’s been crying out for something blog-y and decorated my room:

Blue Rookie Mistake

Very tempted to make it the first ever piece of Indifferent Ignorance merch, though it’d be limited edition because I only have one pack of the blue paper. Or maybe if other bloggers who can also claim blogging superiority wanted, I could do a custom thing and put their logo where mine is and send them it in nice paper? Let me know your thoughts!

Oh by the way, there will be a cool thing on Christmas Eve. Ahh, I am so ready to eat my weight in turkey. Don’t let me forget about the Awards either; my friends have suggested some excellent people – if I’m not in a Christmas coma, the post might even be out before next June…


2 thoughts on “I Was Thinking About Sherlock‘s Imminent Return and Had a Mild Epiphany…

  1. Are hit- counters kind of modern in the blog world then? But that is so cute!
    And yay, Sherlock episode/film 2 tonight. I think it’s gonna be The Sign of Four turned into The Sign of Three. Which is great because it is probably my favourite next to the orange pip one and the red-head league one. And we find out how it actually happened. the two year wait will be over!



    1. Yes, it was very ‘Sign of Four’… Also my favourite yet I think, show-wise.

      Hit counters are kind of obnoxious, like you’re boasting about your x number of hits – stats are like underwear sizes, you know, it’s okay for close people to know that sort of info, but advertising it is… weird. Sorry John. Ahh. No really you’re lovely but look at that site it’s green.


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