Be Right Back I’m a TV-Induced Puddle

I’ve just watched the entire last series of Sherlock I know it’s only three episodes and as a writer I spent about six hours thinking:

Professor McGonagall Harry Potter applause gif

But as a viewer I was thinking:

Dorothy Wizard of Oz gif
dog falling over gif
Found on Tumblr I think
boy cuddling chicken GIF
from Tumblr

Not necessarily in that order.

Arghhh I’m going to go and stare at a wall and marvel at how good the people who make the show are.


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Six Degrees of Separation: the Bloke Off TV Appearing Alongside Another Bloke Off TV!

Okay so the following was written between last Wednesday and yesterday but the Internet fluffed up so it’s going online now. Let’s pretend I’m not totally over English and moving on to Politics:

Here’s the six degrees of separation post I mentioned last week. The original title was “I’m getting to a point in my life where if I read a film advert and Benedict Cumberbatch’s name isn’t in the titles, I’m surprised and a little disappointed in both the actor and the industry.” In capitals.

Or something (I think I thought it up mid-multitask). Anyway:

  • Last Monday I saw Sam Mendes’ production of King Lear at the National. It’s definitely worth a watch if you’re interested in Shakespeare, parenting, dementia, the weather and/or a lack of ability to understand one’s offspring
  • The actor playing the Fool is Alan Scarborough, whose TV work includes Pete off Gavin and Stacey and last week’s episode of Death in Paradise
  • That Death in Paradise episode featured Vinette Robinson, who’s in Sherlock
  • …alongside a guy named Tom Brooke, aka Billy the squishy-armed junkie, who is currently playing Edgar in King Lear
  • King Lear has been portrayed by a lot of people, one of whom is Ian McKellen. He plays Gandalf in The Hobbit alongside the bloke who plays Sherlock
  • …whose extensive film-based portfolio has been rumoured to include James Bond, the last and next film of which Sam Mendes has directed/will direct.

In the interest of not spreading rumours, can I please point out that by “rumoured to include James Bond” I mean “I saw an interview in which the man himself mentioned rumours”. Don’t spread shit snowflakes.

This post is a slight letdown if I’m being honest, possibly because I thought of it a week ago… is there a non-Christmas-based version of “bah humbug”?

Right, I’m going to revise King Lear and some poetry. Lots of poetry. Quite a bit of poetry. Varying levels of poetry depending on how frustrated I get. Poetry and The Rivals. Which David Tennant was in ages ago. Tennant played Hamlet. Cumberbatch is going to play Hamlet. Oh for God’s sake.

Another update after this actually got published: Jay told me that Tom Brooke is also in Game of Thrones. He likes Game of Thrones. One of my short-term goals is to read it before George RR Martin dies. Not relevant. “Oh bullocks” indeed.

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Titling This Took Three Times Longer than Writing It So Please Just Read and Put Us Both Out of Our Misery

I’ve not got the energy to devote another news post to The Media Versus Sherlock, but you guys really need to read this. 1) Everyone satirises politicians 2) Everyone satirises – or dramatises – the Murdoch empire (see Reichenbach for more tabloid fun!) 3) Journalists need to quit using popular culture as an excuse to spew their political ideas. It’s okay to just say things… 4) Sorry but Sherlock can’t even identify the Queen let alone a ballot box 5) “Take his drug of choice: cocaine. Hedonistic, vacuous, self-important and delusional. And still as beloved by the well-connected of today as it was by them back then.” Is it just me or do all those adjectives describe the press?

Ah, television.

I was revising the Transmissions page earlier and noticed that I’ve not mentioned MCR’s endeavours for a while. Ah, television. But, their greatest hits are available to pre-order next week! Let’s play guess the tracklist! I’d like:

Your turn…

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The Eleven O’Clock News: TV Reviews Are Funny (and so is the fact that this took ten hours to make)

This is so not-at-six-o’clock because every time I went near anything Sherlock-based online I either tried to lift everything from Sherlockology for The Webways or sat watching Benedict Cumberbatch interviews.

Hardest name I’ve ever had to type.

Very interesting in interview.

Anyway, I had so much fun reading reviews that I decided to highlight them instead of just a round-up. Television reviews are a weird and wacky type of writing… the hyperbole and metaphors are like how I imagine Fifty Shades to be.

The Guardian



Den of Geek

I had never previously heard of Dan of Geek but I might go back to see if all the language is as… bright.




The Daily Mail

Here we go.





You’re welcome. Now I’m completely excited for Sunday night (best man speech!) and dreading Monday (school! With a day spent  not homeworking but on a fansite or watching the shitty Percy Jackson film! Not you, pre-Charlie Logan. The screenplay. If actual Annabeth could see film Annabeth she’d launch into some moves with her knife. Ugh).

I would also like someone to give Mark Gatiss an award for publically complaining about Les Mis. Holy shit I thought I was one of maybe five people who can’t cope with the child death and utter lack of hope. Or not if you’re a theist/character, but whatever. Happy Friday.

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I Was Thinking About Sherlock‘s Imminent Return and Had a Mild Epiphany…

Rookie Mistake  Then I remembered some blue paper that’s been crying out for something blog-y and decorated my room:

Blue Rookie Mistake

Very tempted to make it the first ever piece of Indifferent Ignorance merch, though it’d be limited edition because I only have one pack of the blue paper. Or maybe if other bloggers who can also claim blogging superiority wanted, I could do a custom thing and put their logo where mine is and send them it in nice paper? Let me know your thoughts!

Oh by the way, there will be a cool thing on Christmas Eve. Ahh, I am so ready to eat my weight in turkey. Don’t let me forget about the Awards either; my friends have suggested some excellent people – if I’m not in a Christmas coma, the post might even be out before next June…