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The Eleven O’Clock News: TV Reviews Are Funny (and so is the fact that this took ten hours to make)

This is so not-at-six-o’clock because every time I went near anything Sherlock-based online I either tried to lift everything from Sherlockology for The Webways or sat watching Benedict Cumberbatch interviews.

Hardest name I’ve ever had to type.

Very interesting in interview.

Anyway, I had so much fun reading reviews that I decided to highlight them instead of just a round-up. Television reviews are a weird and wacky type of writing… the hyperbole and metaphors are like how I imagine Fifty Shades to be.

The Guardian



Den of Geek

I had never previously heard of Dan of Geek but I might go back to see if all the language is as… bright.




The Daily Mail

Here we go.





You’re welcome. Now I’m completely excited for Sunday night (best man speech!) and dreading Monday (school! With a day spent  not homeworking but on a fansite or watching the shitty Percy Jackson film! Not you, pre-Charlie Logan. The screenplay. If actual Annabeth could see film Annabeth she’d launch into some moves with her knife. Ugh).

I would also like someone to give Mark Gatiss an award for publically complaining about Les Mis. Holy shit I thought I was one of maybe five people who can’t cope with the child death and utter lack of hope. Or not if you’re a theist/character, but whatever. Happy Friday.

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(Shameless Re-Blog) MCRmy Census One-Year Anniversary!

I’m posting this everywhere I can think of, not least because normal blog ideas are going into one brain cell and refusing to jump to another.

So, the MCRmy Census is one year old today… I can’t believe it’s been a whole year already and I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everybody who took part. The honesty and intelligence, as well as your hardcore dedication to the band, was wonderful to read, analyse and write about.

I realise there’re been some shitty stuff going around recently, and some fans have been less polite than others in their response, but it’s reminded me of just how close we all feel to the band. 99.99% of the time this is a great thing, as I read in the long-answer responses to the Census. The other 0.01% of the time can be difficult but if there’s one thing I’ve learnt working on this project it’s that the MCRmy is a family of really decent people. I’ve also come to think of us and band as two walls of the same building; we’re separate but structurally useful to one another’s existence. I suppose I’m just sentimental because of timing but I really think that we’re all united in our love of one band’s excellent music and that, despite our differences, we can and should stand together as a group against all the shit that gets thrown at us. Sometimes we’re standing with the band themselves, sometimes we aren’t. Sometimes we fight amongst ourselves like cousins at our grandparents’ during Christmas.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that even if you don’t always like every member of your family, you do always love them, and you’ll stop fighting when your grandparents want to open the fucking presents.

Here’s hoping that this project will have been completed by next year… Please do let me know all your opinions and ideas (and go here for the Census results)!

xoxo ❤ #hashtag etc.


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“In the middle of a snowwy evening…” Oh Nevermind

I haven’t written a response to the Internet Complaints Commission post (as it shall be known from now on), partly because I’d like to take my time and partly because I’m hoping some more of you will comment with your complaints. So in the mean time I think I’d like to share a song about something we could all do with.


While you’re all pondering the loveliness of my choice/the Internet complaint of your choice, I will be listening to this… which is a song about something we’d love other people to say, methinks.

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[Insert snappy, eye-catching title here]

I’ve been working on the design of The Webways recently, and had a thought or two about here. I’ve got a few ideas, but mostly I know what I don’t want to do. Like have a background full of sparkly GIFs. Or go back to luminous font. Or cram the sidebar full of advertisements. Or display a hit counter.

I think all those things are pretty basic pet website hates, which one can build a portfolio of – especially if one uses a site regularly. It’s not just websites’ content that has the potential to get to me; I nearly had a fit when MCRmy.com changed its layout (it didn’t change completely. But enough to make me feel like I’d had a bad haircut). WordPress has updated itself this month too, going for a more ‘simplistic’ layout on the front page. It’s not bad, per se, but I liked the organisation of the previous one because I like detail. The BBC website, on the other hand, really grew on me even though I wasn’t sure about the slide-y bit at first.

So, I want to know what your pet website hates are. (‘Pet website hates’? ‘Website pet hates’. ‘Aspects of a website that make you want to shoot the designer’.) Include examples. What do you wish people would never include on their page? What do you wish they would? Do you prefer image-based sites or text-based ones? How do you feel about infinite scrolling? Don’t just leave it at websites, now I think about it… what’s your opinion on #hashtagging every other #word when you Tweet #something? Should one really never link up one’s Facebook and Twitter/Tumblr/YouTube/etc.?

I’m quite curious to see what people think. I mean, I like my websites, but I’m fully aware that – for The Webways at least – readability has to take precedent over what I think is pretty, because otherwise people won’t read.

And you thought that title was because I couldn’t think of what to say.

It was.


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Fuckin’ Idiots Setting the Tone.

I’ve been thinking these past few days, “what should I write for my first Indifferent Ignorance post of the year? Should I go straight into last year’s round-up or ignore it completely and just do videos? I shouldn’t just do videos, I miss talking.”

But the talking from me can wait.

I’ve decided this one’s funnier (but maybe needs headphones).

Back to school tomorrow. Have fun dealing with your own fuckin’ idiots and remembering how to apostrophise!

NB: I mentioned apostrophising because I couldn’t in a couple of words, spelt ‘apostrophise’ wrong, made ‘The Qur’an’ a category and deleted half the post before finishing it. 2013’s going to be great.