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Asian People Love Golf. WHAT? Asian People Love Golf!

  If this was supposed to be an anti-drug video, it failed miserably.

  This, on the other hand…

  Credits to Ross for sending me the Smosh videos. What they do is what I aspire to, except with boys – so it’s funnier.

  Ross and Ellen also pointed me to these guys:

  If you didn’t twig that this post requires earphones when you saw the words ‘The Left Rights’… You deserve whatever parental lecture that’s going on as you hastily skim the last few lines and hit comment to tell us all what mum and dad said about lesbians and crack addicts.


17 thoughts on “Asian People Love Golf. WHAT? Asian People Love Golf!

  1. Yep, i will get her to re-subscribe or something asap, and send you pics of her tribies.

    thank youuuu!!!!!

    Bel xxx 🙂

    p.s do you think the plural of moose should be moose, moosi, meese or mooses?
    i think meese.


    1. i think i’ll agree with gerard and go with meese, aswell.
      sorry for intruding on this personal convosation, by the way.
      im just lonely.
      me x


  2. Can i make a request please? if i email you a pic of agnes, will you post it on your next entry please? she said she would like a mention, so i thought a pic would be good. ignore what she might say. pleaseeeee?

    i wil stop asking you who you luuuurrrvvvee from glee if you dooo!!!!

    Love youuuuu!!!!

    Bel xxx 🙂


    1. Um, I’ve met her twice. How does she feel about having a picture of herself on the Internet?

      So I’ll mention her, if you can tell her from me that her II subscription has disappeared…

      If she emails her collection of trilbies, it’s a maybe 🙂


  3. why is it that it sort of makes me want to try crack?
    yes, it failed as an anti drug video.

    Bel x 🙂

    p.s have desert scarf in black and white.



    when listening to songs with multiple swear words, references to drugs, alcahol, and sex—
    ALWAYS ensure that your earplugs/phones are FULLY plugged in, and no sounds are emmitted from the main speakers.
    consequences may include grandparents being very offended.

    the wise woman of the north


    1. Copy and paste this:

      I can’t remember if I twatted or emailed or blogged it, but it might find its way into the next post, because it’s brilliant.


  5. am i good or am i good if u love those theirs plenty more where tht came from you tube type in smosh and get loads of cool videos watch come fly with me


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