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Complaining About Kerrang! Magazine and Other Links to YouTube

   I’m still in the middle of catching up with everything, so I’m going to post a blog that I originally wrote for the mini-series I’m Somewhere Hot and You’re Probably Not in August, which never published because I forgot to press buttons.

  If that doesn’t keep you ticking over, then go and vote for My Chem at the EMAs (Best Alternative and Best World Stage), ask me anything on Formspring and enjoy VenetianPrincess terrorising people at Disneyland.

In Which I Complain About Kerrang! Magazine

   After reading a glowing iTunes festival review about My Chem in the Kerrang! published 30th July, and laughing at the Frank Iero poster in the very same issue, I was content and not expecting to see anything about any of the other two bands I follow. Until I saw this:

  Yes, Mr. Beebee, The Left Rights offer as much to society as fly tipping. But, er, what do you expect? It’s Jimmy Urine and Steve, Righ?. Mindless Self Indulgence.

Mindless. Self. Indulgence.

I haven’t actually gotten around to listening to the whole album, because I’ve been putting off buying it since its release in November, and I’m not YouTubing forty-one songs in the order they’re tracked in. But it’s Jimmy and Steve. Making noise. Which I’ve noticed they do rather well. So enjoy the madness, and, for our own entertainment:

Anyway, I can’t take a magazine seriously if the editor’s note hasn’t been edited… Spot the mistake.

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Multitasking With My Linking.

I apologise for ignoring the Internet almost completely over the past week. I’m genuinely not sure when I last posted, or what it was about, I just remember Isobel’s declarations that the new comment box is ‘STUPID’. However, this afternoon I am (mostly) awake and have lots to catch you up on.

I found a really excellent blog post about Father’s Day, I think on Twitter, but it has been swallowed up by my timeline. Instead, I leave you with a video that’s partly about a dude who missed out on quite a few Father’s Days.

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And, in a burst of inspiration, Francesca posts another blog with minimalist words.

  Now this is what I want my Wikipedia page to look like (you’re going to have to click to read):


  Heh heh. Anyone fancy making an Indifferent Ignorance Wiki? I would like to see links to and

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Asian People Love Golf. WHAT? Asian People Love Golf!

  If this was supposed to be an anti-drug video, it failed miserably.

  This, on the other hand…

  Credits to Ross for sending me the Smosh videos. What they do is what I aspire to, except with boys – so it’s funnier.

  Ross and Ellen also pointed me to these guys:

  If you didn’t twig that this post requires earphones when you saw the words ‘The Left Rights’… You deserve whatever parental lecture that’s going on as you hastily skim the last few lines and hit comment to tell us all what mum and dad said about lesbians and crack addicts.

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Viral Side Projekt

  There are two types of blog post. The planned ones, and the ‘I’m bored so I’ll talk and you’ll listen’ ones.

  This is the latter.

  Actually, I do have something to share.

  I love Mindless Self Indulgence. I don’t know all their songs because I’m too lazy to work out what ones I’ve heard and what ones I need to YouTube… That wasn’t even Mindless, anyway – it was Steve, Righ? and Jimmy Urine’s viral side-project, called The Left Rights. It’s, like, oh, Jimmy can explain.

  Warning: do not listen to MSI or The Left Rights if you are a delicate flower or if old(ish) people are in the room and you have no headphones. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR PARENTS YELLING AT YOU IF THEY CATCH YOU WATCHING THE LITTLE HARD ON’S VIDEO AND TELL YOU IT’S TOO MATURE.

  If Ellen and Isobel like this, I’m stealing Lauren’s speakers in Zante this year and playing it to her in the morning. That’ll stop her complaining about Na Na Na…