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Multitasking With My Linking.

I apologise for ignoring the Internet almost completely over the past week. I’m genuinely not sure when I last posted, or what it was about, I just remember Isobel’s declarations that the new comment box is ‘STUPID’. However, this afternoon I am (mostly) awake and have lots to catch you up on.

I found a really excellent blog post about Father’s Day, I think on Twitter, but it has been swallowed up by my timeline. Instead, I leave you with a video that’s partly about a dude who missed out on quite a few Father’s Days.


8 thoughts on “Multitasking With My Linking.

  1. You LIKE the new comment box? Are you crazy??? I HATE IT!!!!!! (with passion)

    I like the left rights. They make me laugh. So does chantal. And lyn-z. and michael macintyre (i have no clue how to spell his last name.) and you might be on thast list somewhere too frank. But thye person who make sme laugh the most- (don’t laugh, i know its sad) is MOI!!!!!! Ask jemma. i’ll be sitting in form (which feels like a mental asylum), and then, like one of the weird nutcases that im not, i just crack up, double over, and laugh till i cry. At my own thoughts. It does attract a lot of weird glances. And somehow, when ive finished, i forget what i was laughing at in the first place, which make sme laugh again. hysterically. and round in a pretty little circle it goes. Until i collapse from exhaustion.

    oh, and no. im not on drugs. Drug intake; Zilch (except for possible solvent abuse when my deodrant exploded.
    Caffeine intake : Not much.
    Anything else inatke: probably. Lots of air, i will admit.

    off to watch eastenders now.

    Exams suck.

    x 🙂


      1. No, that was my sincere voice. I like it because it means I don’t have to go back to the wordpress homepage to log in every time (or every other time) I want to comment.


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