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“I think we should go and show Sarah; but I’m not actually wearing any trousers.”

  Good evening. Or is it the afternoon still? The clock says a quarter to five, but my curtains are shut. Discuss below.

  Anyway, here is the evidence of my weekend:

  There’s more, but I can’t get my mini SD card out of my phone to stick them on here. Also I can’t give away the reason Ellen, Isobel and I went out in the first place.

   I will say this, however: when leaving Costa Coffee, check all your Primark bags are with you. And if you want to buy a certificate 15 DVD in CEX but don’t carry identification, don’t bother. The lady at the counter will say, “Sorry we can’t serve you,” without looking up, then turn around and talk to a spotty teenager who works there on Saturdays.

  She will have karmic retribution though. Balance of the universe is something I wholeheartedly believe in. So will my Chemistry teacher when she sees that I have an A* in my module. That’s A*. Not D.



18 thoughts on ““I think we should go and show Sarah; but I’m not actually wearing any trousers.”

  1. no, dont worry.
    there were two.
    one of which was nicely concealed and in its proper place.
    The other on my head.


    it might catch on one day. you know- be a new trend or something.
    watch this space.
    trust me.



  2. Public humiliation? That would be pasting a3 copies of the photo of you with a bra on your head everywhere, with your name and number on.

    Murder? hmm. death by classical music me thinks.

    Bel x 🙂


    1. Bra on her head… But not where it’s supposed to be?

      Because that WOULD be humiliating. Also please don’t put them here, this is a (mostly) respectable website.


  3. well frank, you will have to get id, and for now, i will buy 15’s for you.
    if i dress up like lauren, im sure ill pass as one. 🙂

    happy days! It was quite a good film though. except where they all start shooting. it was then when i was thinking:In the middle of a gun fight…
    In the center of a restaurant…
    They say, “Come with your arms raised high!”

    I know.

    bel x 🙂

    p.s jemma knows what the outfits are for, but she promises/swears to never tell or write it, especially not here, or else i will kill /publicly humiliate her. havent decided yet.:)


  4. I got a 18 rated video game from CEX easy.
    Because the dude that served me was probably high on 20 different things 😀


    1. What’s even more stupid is that I was with two girls who are at least six inches taller than me.

      They are also younger, but whatever.

      How would she like it if I said, “You are too fucking old to see this movie, it’s for cool people,”? She would be pissed off.

      The DVD wasn’t even for me, it was for my dad. Who is FIFTY-ONE YEARS OLD AND DOES NOT NEED TO CARRY ID.


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