Complaints · February 2010 · School *choke* · THE WORLD *head in hands*

I Only Have One Thing to Say:

  I don’t care what today’s date reads: 11th January, kindly go and fuck yourself.

  I’m too woozy to elaborate, sorry. Wait, except this: If I catch diphtheria, tetanus or polio now I will be majorly pissed and sue the NHS.

  Also that a copying error in a piece of work is not enough to warrant a D and most of the people I go to school with should be punched, hard, in the face.

  This includes some members of staff.

 Today’s post will most probably be deleted when I’m conscious enough to remember that twelve-year-olds read this and I am supposed to be setting an example.

  Actually it won’t, because there is a valuable lesson to be learnt from today: people suck. So do you. Deal with it.

  Bring on series two of Glee and August 7th.


24 thoughts on “I Only Have One Thing to Say:

  1. oh and bella i have to tell you this even though it will just help your case. But you know the film the hangover? well the hangover 2 is coming out this year…and its a 15, and when it comes out i wont be 15 but all my friends will and they all want to go and see it and they said that i should just come along and try and get in but that they dont think they’ll let me in as i dont look old enough 😐


  2. bella and frank i have an idea so i will probably ring you later. Oh and bella you have to sing mikey the pikey and stick it on youtube to go alongside the frerard song. Yess bella my school is awesome i love my school 😀


  3. i will tell you on saturday.
    and i thought, could we possibly start decorating tops (if we manage to buy them) at yours on saturday evening or something?
    happy schooling.

    I officially hate trampolining, and thats all for now.

    wow. short comment for once.

    Bel xxx 🙂


  4. sorry jem. im 21 now. and frasnk, i do have the ability to make up songs in my sleep. i have 3 other verses so far.

    Bel x 🙂


  5. i cant leave the comments in this state.
    Which is why im rounding them up to 20, just for the heck of it.
    Yes, i know, im amazing.

    me xxxxx


  6. p.s. your version is also fantabulous.
    pps. is this the most comments that youve ever had which are completely unrealated to the actual post??
    from me xx 🙂


  7. not to mention the fact that i had to spell check all your work.
    thank me later, dahling.
    also, you forgot to tell the world your wounderous song – “mikey the pikey”

    from moi xxx


      1. mikey you pikey,
        you look like a tramp,
        er..*something, something something*
        when you sit on your amp (?)

        thats the first verse. I think isobel has the other 16, witten down somewhere…..i dont know- she was giving me a headache…..
        a nice headache, full of joy and whatever, of course.

        from the wonderous albino xxx


  8. even better. it was a “pop” song that we had to write.
    (if you think that we actually wrote it then you are indeed, very wrong.)
    And bell, mind your language. I am your granddaughter, after all.
    Also, i wouldnt headbut him. You might have passed out from his “breath”. and by breath, i meann toxic fumes.

    you love me really.
    albino xxxxx


    1. I always go to pages 13/14/15. Next time, go to the furthest one, then about four back.

      Also I thought that was Celine Dion. The Canadian Titanic lady.


  9. And jemma… F**K off! 😀

    I never want to remember those moments ever ever again!!!!

    (He made me sing) Not good. i just about resisted the urge to turn around and headbutt him hard. But instead, i did the best monotonous voice i could manage.

    Crap lesson, and then he goes, yes music IS fun!

    you see why i hate my school.

    Bel x 🙂

    (ellen, im coming to your school. see you soon.)


      1. oh yeah, coz i love whitney houston dont i?

        If only it was destroya….sigh.

        But no. We had to compose music and a song to go with.
        So i googled random song lyrics and some nutter made a website of non famous lyrics hed made up. we went to page 14(PEOPLE NEVER CHECK THOSE PAGES) and copied and pasted. voila. take note. it worked.
        talk soon.
        Bel x 🙂


  10. I take it you had, well a hard day then.

    And, er no. Forget glee, Bring on Feb 12th, and THEN August the 7th.

    and who’s twelve? Ellen? i thought she was older then that?

    Bel x 🙂

    (Sorry ellen!)


  11. talking of great days, you’ll never guess what our music teacher got bell to do today.
    naww, cheer up frank 😀

    jem xx


    1. Please tell me she had to sing in front of the entire year and a video camera.

      THAT would improve my mood, along with a Glee marathon.

      Which, incidently, I had last weekend.


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