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This Time One Week Ago, I Was a Bat. Complete With Cave.

  I pause in my revising of ultrasound waves to talk about the first week back at school.

  Jesus H. Christ. How can a week only four days long go on forever????? If you answer that question, I will give you a million pounds. Or a guest-post explaining it. But – seriously – I don’t get it. Is it down to becoming nocturnal over Christmas? Eating too much over Christmas? Only watching Glee over Christmas?

  Saying that, Glee is pretty much the only thing I’ve watched this last week too. I still can’t work out if I like it (and I definitely turn the volume down when they start belting one out). Having watched several episodes, I have come to the conclusion that I am drawn to the show because it’s about a normal school with, like, boys, in it. I go to an overly stressy all-girls grammar with uniforms. Green uniforms.

  Glee is a parallel universe. Also I’ve always quite liked the idea of singing and/or dancing when I’m pissed off instead of stamping around, swearing and occasionally punching stuff/people. What can I say, I’m passive at heart. Plus one of the guys is becoming more and more attractive every episode.

  If you can get who out of me, you really can have a million pounds.


3 thoughts on “This Time One Week Ago, I Was a Bat. Complete With Cave.

  1. As usual, i have a few things to say.
    1. At least my overly stressy all-girls grammar with uniforms uniform is blue. (Still, it is ugly. You have the better skirt.)
    2. My week was a 3 day one. 🙂

    3. I cant believe you watch glee, and you WILL tell me who you like, or i swear ill beat you up at karate. 🙂

    Dont bother paying the money, just tell me. Bel x 🙂


    1. I shall beat you up back.

      Actually I won’t, my jab arm is giving me hell and I’m still only semi-conscious.




      1. Puk
        Kurt ( I know you like gays)

        er dunno the rest.

        Will beat you up more. You will tell.
        or ill never let you see moulin rouge. Ha!

        You love me more though. Always remember that!

        Bel x 🙂

        p.s laura and jemma gave me the glee names. x


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