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The End of the World Just Got Noisy

  Is it just me, or does My Chem’s new video for Na Na Na (Na Na Na x (10³x10³x10³)) really give off Maximum Ride vibes?

  Think about it.

  • Apocalypse – check. Well, the flock never actually saw the world blown up (sadly, considering the profound crapness of the fourth, fifth and sixth books).
  •  Company which seems to be in charge of the world – check. Itex/Better Living Industries.
  • Evil person in charge of company – check. The Director/Grant Morrison the Comic Book Guy, whose name Danger Days I don’t know.
  • Stupid character names – check. Maximum, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman, Angel/Party Poison, Jet Star, Kobra Kid, Fun Ghoul, Dr. Death Defying. I could go on but I’ve forgotten who it is I’m following on Twitter.
  • Action every other chapter/slide – check. Mikey’s good at karate, but I challenge him to beat Ellen, Isobel, Jemma and I when we’re angry.
  • Pure fantasy element – check. The real reason I got into Max Ride was because it was nothing I had ever come across. Mutant children who lived in cages, brilliant. Blokes with funny-coloured hair making loud noises with instruments, also brilliant. 

  James Patterson: delete the most recent three books from existance. Rewrite the series from Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports. Ask Gerard Way for help instead of a stupid ghostwriter. I dare you.


  Is it just me, or does Gerard look tanned? Has all the sun actually affected his corpse complex? 


6 thoughts on “The End of the World Just Got Noisy

  1. yeah, unless its a guy of course, lauren doesnt like stalkers.

    or mcr for that matter.

    Shame, and sort of sad in a way… She hates it when i play your cds, which im likng by the way. thank you!
    It usually ends up her playing her crappy music, and me playing my chem, and then we both get louder, and i win. oh, m and d werent here for this. otherwise thay might have joined in with radio 2. urgh.

    BUT- i was playing nananananananananananana etc. on youtube when parents went to bank. i played loud, and on repeat, and i heard no objections 🙂 (it may have been ther volume though.)

    but am looking forward to new blog stuff, and will subscribe lauren whether she likes it or not. 🙂

    Have fun in zakynthos, say hi to family, and hope you like my picture thingy. (its THE killer rabbit!)

    Bel X 🙂

    P.s i am sort of getting into this comment thing, but probably too much. theyre more like essays then comments. Shall i shorten them?????? please tell moi.

    pps. im likin the way bullets and three cheers are linked through the whole merci pour la venin thing.

    ppps. Did you notice the skeleton on the battlefieldy thing in vid for nananana etc, is wearing the black parade outfit. Very co- ordinated. and slighltly dead.

    pppps. i will try to shorten these in future. 🙂



      You’re hilarious, you should guest-blog. Write about Lauren’s escapades with the hair straighteners or something.

      Yes, I did notice, when some people on YouTube pointed it out. It’s Gerard’s, apparently, from a tour.

      As well as Merci Pour Le Venin, there’s the Demolition Lovers thing. Which is cool.

      Much like your comments 🙂


  2. You mean you never told us it was out? The book? Any good?

    And, yes, ellen i agree with you. And also with you frank about the tan,well, if you can call it a tan. Lauren wouldnt. she would think thats pale, but hey, laurens idea of perfect is orange. 🙂

    Should i subscribe her? I think so. shed get annoyed tho. she doesnt like mcr either. she says their depressing.

    little does she no how much neyo is depressing, and also how annoying leaving the shower on the jet is !!!!

    Sorry, i felt the need to put that on the internet in hope she might one dy read it and STOP DOING IT!!!!

    yeah, sorry.

    bel x 🙂


    1. It’s crap compared to the others. But I can’t remember much of it.

      I thought you’d read it, actually.

      You should totally subscribe Lauren! When it’s dotcom so she thinks she’s getting spammed.

      I saw her in Primark on Saturday. She looked kind of stressed so I didn’t wait in her queue.

      In case she thought we were stalking her.


  3. I’d challenge Mikey any day!!! 😀 xx
    I love Maximum Ride!!! Is ‘Fang’ out yet??? someone told me thats what it’s called

    I’m liking the video…quite a lot actually. My friend said to me ‘all it takes is a change in hair colour and gerard seems a lot less scary’ which i thought was quite ammusing seeing as i never saw him as scary in the first place, but she did so…:D


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