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Wait, Is That… Floor?!

  I’m blogging today to celebrate a momentous occasion. It has never happened before where I currently live – seriously, I’m talking rarer than a blue moon.

  My bedroom is neat. Tidy, almost. There are no more bits of junk on the floor, no piles of belongings that have been there so long I can no longer remember what lies at the bottom. Even my guitar picks are off the carpet. Amazing.

  Admittedly, we only cleared up because Pugsley’s coming over tomorrow and there would be no room for her to sit; Fred had trouble fitting on my bed when he came in earlier, no doubt investigating the source of  an unholy stench (which turned out to be my feet, as several people from today’s PE lesson can testify).

  My latest idea for the blog has been purple, but I doubt it’ll happen. Have a look-see here and comment with any colour ideas. I’m planning something interesting for Advent and – if GCSE modules and mocks don’t kill me – possibly another video. That’s if I can get my hands on a WMA version of that Americano song.

  If not… I’ll pay Maxim and Ross to dance again.

Leave a comment. That way neither of our time will have been wasted.

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