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Eleven Days…

  Growing up with Lauren always wishing she’s a year older, I’ve never been too fussed about time passing – until recently.

  Hurry up, Halloween! I want to get rid of the bad background and dodgy header, change everything on Twitter, unveil my rather-brilliant-if-I-may-say-so-myself plans for Indifferent Ignorance. I’m not going to give anything away until the 31st though. Not even if you promise me a signed copy of Danger Days hot off the press. Okay, maybe then. All I’m saying is, “Not black.” At all.

  Well, a little bit. It’s a staple colour, or something…

  Sort of makes it hard to think of things to write about, actually. I want everything new to be once everything’s all pretty. I could complain about something, I suppose. I am pretty good at it.

  Forty minute lessons, then, for the half day. What?! As soon as I’d worked out where I was supposed to be going, and got there, we had half an hour to cram stuff about… I don’t even know. The day’s a blur. Although that, I’m told, is thanks to a migraine which I’ve had since Thursday.

  I always thought a migraine was a fictional illness that came out of the wardrobe when it was hockey in PE.


5 thoughts on “Eleven Days…

  1. yeah, i dont agree with the britney thing. but have never seen this msi top you talk of. SHOW ME! soon. Have fun in greece!


    1. bella, it is a very cool top 😀 I ❤ steve, righ?? such a good night, i mean litterally AMAZING!!! and Gerard IS gay lol 😀 xx


  2. most people would wear black to an mcr concert, but i think you should wear pink, just for the hell of it! At least youd stand out! 🙂

    And no, frank, i dont know if we or anyone else have ever told you this, and it breaks my heart to tell you this, it really does, …. but….

    No, you are far from normal. For many resons. Like normal people are polite. and tend to like britney spears.

    Bel x 🙂

    p.s if that is the case for normal people, than actually, i aint normal. i hate britney spears. lots.


    1. I’m wearing a homemade Mindless Self Idulgence t-shirt with ‘I ❤ Steve, Righ?' on the back.

      So I'm definetly not normal.

      I'm sure Britney is a lovely person, once you get to know her…


  3. most normal people would actually use halloween as an excuse to MAKE their site balck…not the other way round lol 😀 …but then, you’re not normal are you!?


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