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Geeks’ Night Out

  Here it is. My first ever YouTube video, first ever venture into Windows Movie Maker and first time downloading songs from Amazon. The Macarena has a surprising number of versions; I found a Spanish one (the original), and two different versions of it with a girl singing about cheating on her boyfriend, whose name I think was Nico.

  Are you proud? I am. I am aware you can hear my mother and I in the background, that the credits have Joan Jett over the top and that it is blatantly amateur, but still. It beats homework!

  Let me also say that I have a newfound respect for producers, editors and behind the scene-ers who put films together. It took me four days to put a two-and-a-half minute movie together, and the big guys do two and a half hours. Maybe ripping them off by watching their work illegally on the Net isn’t such a nice idea.

  Hope you don’t think I’m doing this to embarrass you, Ross and Maxim. I’m not. Much.

  Please comment, favourite, subscribe and review in any way possible. I won’t reward you by banning my videos in your country.


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