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SHSG: What the Teachers Don’t (Want To) See

  I started this post trying to be a resourceful journalist, but it’s too much hassle and a bit stalker-like. Instead I will tell you that the reason MCR’s album is taking so long to be created is because Gerard is busy playing with sparklers. For more information, see Chantal Claret’s Twitter and her 4th of July video. Then listen out for New Jersey accents.

  So, dear readers, I know that two of you at least go to my school and at least one does not. For the one that does not, here is what goes on at lunchtime. Also morning break. Assembly. Lessons.

Tatchiana: “And then my OC was soooo gay…”

Hollie: “I’m telling you, he’s gay.”


Hayley: “He died, and he never said goodbye…”

Elisa: *frowns**mutters about serial killers**Swindles someone out of ten quid**Gives ten quid to a year seven*


Tobi: “And then his banana fell out.”

Elizabeth: “TOBI!”

Robyn: “For the fifth time, Tayler, no.”

Chloe: *kisses whoever’s closest**gives Frank pigtails**spanks Elizabeth*

Natalie: “EEEE!!!” [to envision this, think of a cat getting castrated. Raise the pitch]

Frank: *various grunting noises*

Rhiannon: “Then Gerry Butler took his clothes off and I was like WOW!”

Ruby: “Hum, num, num, dodo, gay men, dodo, men, gay dodo…”

  Please bear in mind this is simultaneous. No wonder everyone avoids us…

  Thank you to Elizabeth for creating this. I hope I did the extras justice.



8 thoughts on “SHSG: What the Teachers Don’t (Want To) See

    1. The funny thing is, they aren’t conversations. It all goes on at once, punctuated by the odd, “SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO ME [insert name and curseword here] I’M TALKING!”


      1. I see, sounds interesting, me and my friends normally talk over each other but we kind of listen too…


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