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Wanted: a Life

  This morning I’ve done some pretty interesting stuff, like get left behind by my mother when she went to walk Fred and finally clean up the dust on the bedside cabinet, but part of me feels it just isn’t… Enough.

  So, dear readers, I am asking you for your wisdom. How do people keep themselves busy? Because I watch Kerrang! and get pissy about their choice of music, or get woken up by idiot neighbours and idiot council men at five and eight AM respectively, and it’s not very fulfilling.

  I am aware that this lapse in happiness on my part is due to having finished Geeks’ Night Out and not having started anything else. It’s a low. If making stupid videos and writing wierd stories is a high, the five or six days following are low. Pronounced ‘looooow’. In a deep voice. Looooows involve feeling isolated, left out by friends – even though it’s the weekend and I don’t see them anyway – and resorting to slash Frank/Gerard fan fictions on DeviantART. 


  I think I might put some haikus on FictionPress. Haikus are creative middle men, they close the gap between not knowing what to write/make movies of/who to complain about and Big Huge Amazing Projects like Ella’s Blog or Geeks’ Night Out.

  Here is Bonk! Review please.

  And, for the record, I do go out. With people. Discovered Cafe Nero on Friday. They sell frappes with no coffee. I am sure that is morally wrong. Also they have good dance music that is actually lounge music. AND STAMP CARDS.


7 thoughts on “Wanted: a Life

    1. IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE???????????????????????????


      It’s fixed. Now please review it on there and say lovely things.

      Or something else.


  1. It’s a haiku.


    I don’t know what to write because all they like is gay men and stories about gay men! We both know how that turned out.

    SO, THERE.

    I’m gonna play Pac Man with my shark.


  2. Frank, that was a feeble attempt at poetry.
    It neither makes sense nor rhymes.

    Don’t worry, you’ve been more productive than me. I’ve only been up 3/4 hour. All of which I have spent on the computer.

    Although this is because I was busy (by my standards at least) yesterday. This is how I justify my actions.

    I spent my time making Hollie’s birthday present and putting off making Tatch’s.
    You should try doing this sometime.


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