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Shameless Promotion of My Own Work Because I Haven’t Sorted What I’m Meant to Post Yet.

It feels like a million years between posts. It probably is. Anyway, it seems the weather has been good for my creativity (or maybe I just need to let off some steam and not write about Romeo and Juliet), because I’ve written an epic of haikus – at least, a lot of haikus – done some Vampires Will Never Hurt You fan art and played around with the Transmissions pages, all in the space of a week.

Five days, in fact.

The haiku epic, otherwise known as Tiger Balm, is published here, Transmissions are here and this is what happens when you get Gerard’s pre-song ramblings stuck in your head:

Reviews/feedback are appreciated. As in, they are more valuable to me than actual money. Hint, hint.

Update: I’ve also been playing around with the ultra-fancypants Indifferent Ignorance Facebook page: Like and share, if you’re of the Facey persuasion!


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Exams Are Driving Me Crazy, and Shall Drive You Crazy Too

I’m supposed to be revising for tomorrow’s Physics exam (annihilation FTW) but I miss polluting you guys’ computer screens with stupidity, so without further ado…

  • “Well played, Daily Mail, well played” via @ThePoke (Roxy).

  • Cool friends, huh.
  • I’ve changed my mind regarding the world’s stupidest RS question. It’s now a tie between “Christians should never smoke tobacco.” Do you agree? Refer to Christianity in your answer, showing you have thought of more than one point of view or “Homosexuality is a sin.” Do you agree? Refer to Christianity in your answer, showing you have thought of more than one point of view. If there are any Religious Studies teachers reading, please let me know: how the hell am I supposed to advocate – promote – smoking/write a reasoned answer on how it’s sinful to be gay? Actually, I know how. Some of Leviticus is pretty explicit (not to mention something you can ignore. How many strict Jewish and Christian parents eat their children? Or have I misinterpreted “And ye shall eat the flesh of your sons, and the flesh of your daughters shall ye eat.”?). But there ain’t a preacher living who can tell me inhaling lungfuls of smoke is something Jesus would have been down with. Screw you, free will. Incidentally: Leviticus? Free will.
  • In contination of a theme: I know what the world’s stupidest Chemistry question is: What is the formula for water? (We aren’t triple science students for nothing!)
  • But now I’ve reached the end of my rant, and all I really want to say is: we’re never happy, fuckers.

See you there.

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Spellcheck Thinks I Spelt Obama’s Name Wrong. Whatever, He Likes Marriage. Etc.

You know that feeling you get when you’ve been trying to post for five days because it’s been far too long, and it gets to the point when you start listening to Madonna in the hope you get inspired?

Me too, me too.

I had two exams today (only twenty-one to go!) so have nothing to say except that “The resurrection never happened.” Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer, showing you have considered different opinions. is the funniest, most stupid RS question ever. It’s only a belief an entire religion was built around, course it’s debatable.


  I love that. I love this. I love this guy too.

  Someone tell me where I can get hold of one of those hats.

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The End of the MCRmy Census! (let’s pretend I didn’t forget a title when I posted just now)


I thought I’d better write an official-esque post marking the end of the MCRmy Census, but didn’t get around to it yesterday because I was, er, prom dress-shopping (regular readers: take the piss at will. Parts of that shop looked like a unicorn had puked rainbows onto chiffon). Anyway, it’s over. “Done, finished, kaput, in the proverbial can…” and will be played as loud as possible from somebody’s car when I sort out the results in to some sort of readable format.

Unfortunately, I leave school in less than a fortnight and spend six weeks doing exams, so there won’t be anything huge until at least July. I am going to attempt to continue logging results, but the last three days of April were like the final hours of a Primark sale; absolutely batshit crazy – the amount of entries doubled! If I haven’t confirmed I’ve logged your entry, I will, I promise, just not for a little while.

In the mean time, sit tight, get comfy and watch this year’s Apprentice. With the sound turned down, because most of the candidates are embarrassments to the human race. Or, alternatively, revel in the knowledge that I love and appreciate every single person who Tweeted, Facebooked, entered or discussed the Census, whether it be to write it off entirely or to tell me you liked it.

Xøxo ❤ #hashtag etc,


**Update** In the mean time, vote for My Chem in this year’s Kerrang! Awards. They’re up for Best Live Band and Best International Band, and, although my nomination for Frank as Tweeter of the year didn’t get through, The Big Bang Theory‘s up for Best TV Show. Vote at will, etc. (You have to register every time you vote, so I encourage you to make a handy-dandy Word document with all your details, to avoid messing about.)