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Spellcheck Thinks I Spelt Obama’s Name Wrong. Whatever, He Likes Marriage. Etc.

You know that feeling you get when you’ve been trying to post for five days because it’s been far too long, and it gets to the point when you start listening to Madonna in the hope you get inspired?

Me too, me too.

I had two exams today (only twenty-one to go!) so have nothing to say except that “The resurrection never happened.” Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer, showing you have considered different opinions. is the funniest, most stupid RS question ever. It’s only a belief an entire religion was built around, course it’s debatable.


  I love that. I love this. I love this guy too.

  Someone tell me where I can get hold of one of those hats.


13 thoughts on “Spellcheck Thinks I Spelt Obama’s Name Wrong. Whatever, He Likes Marriage. Etc.

  1. I really ort to read your blog more often, it’s good for the soul.

    Then again I should start my revision for my Gcse and two As level exams a little before 24 hours beforehand, so, like my choice in music, I’ll catch up with your blog in about, 15 years time or so…


    1. Haha! “, soothing the soul since 2009.”

      See you in 2027 (I doubt I’ll have stopped complaining by then – but if I have, check out some of the new, funky music I discussed back in the day when portable telephones weren’t also recording studios).


  2. Ellen, where on earth is the fun in that?? that’s like common sense. And do i own any of that magical stuff?

    I think we all know the answer to that.

    How about an albino transvestite….??? Hmmm, you didn’t think of that now, did you??

    Sorry, i’m getting cocky now, what with being able to commnt and express myself once more on the internet.

    Ron the camel is very jubbly. He has half a nostril missing too. And doesn’t smell at all. Or maybe, i just smelt soooo bad, that the camel smelt good.

    Unfortunatley, i get the feeling that last point may have been true…

    IT WASN’T MY FAULT. Blame the desert and lack of showers there!!!!

    Toodleoo (whatever that actually means?!)

    Oooohhh, its really windy outside.



  3. IT WORKED!!! Oh, and that was my last post with the killer rabbit. R.I.P. Rabbit. You served me well. But I’m replacing you with Ron, the camel. Becasue he is cuter, and fun to ride. Sorry little rabbit.

    I can comment again!!!! YAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

    Get ready to be spammed with comments frank….

    actually, give it a few weeks, And then you can be overloaded with ’em.

    XX 😀


      1. Gay black president would be even better. America wouldn’t know what to do with themselves. I think Obama would make a great gay man…


  4. I think that maybe, just maybe, it’s letting me comment!!! Woooooo!!!
    And if it isn’t, then go to hell, WordPress comment box, go to hell.

    Anyway, this feels good. But please don’t expect a sub-blog. Not just yet. It’s been a while, and if this fails, i do not want to be typing out a sub-blog all over again. And i too, have exams – except it’s the joys of P.E. theory. I had Prep for Working Life the other day. It was pretty easy. Saying that, i am now going to fail. And look like a complete idiot. There was one question that evryone got stuck on: Name three things a Trade union does. According to our school, not much. There was a lots of blank answers. Most people managed one or two. But three? Nah. Not going to happen. Lots of answers were: Organise Strikes. Which is true really. Someone put organise riots, e.g. London riots instead. Agnes, however, put trade with other countries.

    Bless her.

    So, i’ll leave it there in case i have to type something similar all over again. I like those people. America are stupid. If we ever get a Gay president (I say we like i’m american – i’m not, so i don’t know why i said that), we can be sure (there goes “we” again) that it will be legalised everywhere.

    x 😀


    1. Isobel, have you never thought of copying what you write before you press post comment? Then all you have to do is paste it again…Or do you enjoy writing your sub-blogs so much you want to write it twice?


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