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Exams Are Driving Me Crazy, and Shall Drive You Crazy Too

I’m supposed to be revising for tomorrow’s Physics exam (annihilation FTW) but I miss polluting you guys’ computer screens with stupidity, so without further ado…

  • “Well played, Daily Mail, well played” via @ThePoke (Roxy).

  • Cool friends, huh.
  • I’ve changed my mind regarding the world’s stupidest RS question. It’s now a tie between “Christians should never smoke tobacco.” Do you agree? Refer to Christianity in your answer, showing you have thought of more than one point of view or “Homosexuality is a sin.” Do you agree? Refer to Christianity in your answer, showing you have thought of more than one point of view. If there are any Religious Studies teachers reading, please let me know: how the hell am I supposed to advocate – promote – smoking/write a reasoned answer on how it’s sinful to be gay? Actually, I know how. Some of Leviticus is pretty explicit (not to mention something you can ignore. How many strict Jewish and Christian parents eat their children? Or have I misinterpreted “And ye shall eat the flesh of your sons, and the flesh of your daughters shall ye eat.”?). But there ain’t a preacher living who can tell me inhaling lungfuls of smoke is something Jesus would have been down with. Screw you, free will. Incidentally: Leviticus? Free will.
  • In contination of a theme: I know what the world’s stupidest Chemistry question is: What is the formula for water? (We aren’t triple science students for nothing!)
  • But now I’ve reached the end of my rant, and all I really want to say is: we’re never happy, fuckers.

See you there.


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