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Is This an Audioblog I See Before Me? Yes.

Thought it would be interesting to dip a toe into the world of audioblogging, so here is my first ever attempt… To ensure visual satisfaction I have included little additions for you to look out for at X number of minutes.


“crshchrshcrsh” means “downloaded”. I think I moved.


“COUGH for example COUGH I went clubbing with my friends” Actually that might have been more movement. This is why it takes eight years to put a post together.



They were more appealing in the dark. Also Chloe made me have one.


The ‘Pacific Rim’ Jaegers looking cute. From

Turns out they are pronounced the same way… do you think the Pacific Rim people had the drink in mind in the design room?






Heeey it is! Right, done. Thank you for listening – unless you didn’t in which case why are you here? – and let me know if the quality is okay and all that!


2 thoughts on “Is This an Audioblog I See Before Me? Yes.

  1. oooh, that’s just weird! no, not you’re weird, but audioblogging, it’s taken Indifferent Ignorance to a whole new level. WE CAN HEAR YOU!!!

    so – you wanted to know about the quality? questions – what app are you using or how are you recording yourself? obviously there’s the issues with extraneous noise – either get a static/desktop mic if you’re gonna keep doing it – or a gaming headset with mic which are compatible with PC and allow you to move around easily (we’ve got turtle beach X12 but heading towards Blue Yeti or Snowball mic). Audacity is free audio editing software which could be useful as you can export it to whatever format Soundcloud uses.
    intro and outro – get a tagline! like look alive snowflakes 🙂 in the same way that DJs and youtubers often have a catchphrase or a specific way of starting their show – it makes it easier, but you did fine!!

    content …. haha, maths! and the inability to do fractions quickly whilst under pressure – but also that 13/18 doesn’t cancel down to anything, so it wasn’t a difficult one …. but you caved with all the stress and newness of audiobloggiing. (and who wouldn’t!!)
    personally i didn’t rate Pacific Rim – it was a rip off of so many other films and video games. The ‘Jaegers’ (even though they are essentially Titans) made me think of Chuck Yeager (test pilot, first to break the sound barrier) because he flew experimental aircraft and the Jaegers were experimental. And I’ve just found out Jager is german for hunter!
    don’t even think for one minute that you’re not interesting or famous! in my internet existence – you’re both 🙂 and we know you weren’t sitting in or on the bath – the acoustic would be different. and we also know you weren’t going for a run as you weren’t out of breath (or maybe you’re exceptionally fit … but i don’t think so).
    do you sometimes get surprised when there is actually an episode of Friends that you haven’t seen? comedy central is on our tv so much, the logo has almost etched itself into the screen. and yeah, you end up getting into stuff by default – like, you leave it on that channel and end up getting hooked on watching, even stuff you don’t really want to (though not ‘The Middle’). totally know where you’re coming from with the repeats though!
    is it possible to drown in popcorn? i always think that water is a prerequisite for drowning. why is there not a word for other forms of asphyxiation – suffocation doesn’t seem quite right. maybe i associate that with being suffocated by someone else, like with a pillow – like an aggressive/active thing rather than passively drowning. hmmm, attack of the killer popcorn!!!

    so there we have it – i listened, i laughed, i commented!

    i kind of felt like i should do an audioblog in reply, but as it’s half past midnight … that’s just not gonna happen! and that’s what i feel is the downside of audioblogging for the listener/recipient … a lack of interactivity. without the words on the page to come back to and react to, it doesn’t feel like it usually does – there might be something you’ve said which I’ve forgotten, and short of listening to the whole thing again to find it, I’ve lost the opportunity to engage, whereas when it’s there. above, i can scroll up and find what I need.

    All in all, it’s not a bad start. maybe a youtube channel for vlogs next? but don’t stop with the traditional blog here, mix it up a bit like you have cos it’s fun to experiment, but keep on with writing. I, for one, enjoy it 🙂


    1. Is it bad that my main reaction to your comment was “I want to do an audioblog while running with no noticeable difference”?

      Thank you for the feedback – I kind of liked that I had to think about what I was saying (and maths is not my strong point…) because I don’t want to script the whole thing, but I will definitely work on some sort of tagline or introductory phrase. If I continue with ‘the talking’ I’ll definitely look into getting better software – I used an app I found by Tap Media, whoever they are – I think the static was from me moving and holding my iPad; next time I’ll use the stand!

      I did do a videoblog ages ago – the channel is I think, but I have this paranoia about talking on camera so I might do a gimmick-y thing of wearing huge sunglasses or something! I definitely won’t stop writing and it’d be cool if I could use the audioblogs as additions to or part of written ones – but I must say it was nice not having to type quite so much.

      Speaking of, ahem.


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