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The Six O’Clock News: Some Old Commentary on New News

I’m not sure whether it’s heyfever, a cold, exhaustion or sheer utter relief that I’m not in school any more (or maybe all four) but my eyes hurt and I can’t really remember how to type so I decided that instead of the News we should share bullshit news stories that are almost too weird to believe.

Unfortunately after two years of minimal commenting I am aware that maybe two people will respond so here is a video with unlikely pertinence to the ISIS shit that’s currently going down which is actually too depressing for me to write about before my eyeballs fall out. So Tim can say some stuff!

If I remember correctly he follows up that sketch with the Pope Song… can’t remember if that has any baring on current events so I’m going to see the dogs and maybe complain about football.

I mean really, it’s a ball game. Even I know that you’re supposed to score goals and stuff…


4 thoughts on “The Six O’Clock News: Some Old Commentary on New News

  1. well let me be the first to say hooray for no more school !!! after which I have to enquire as to the specific nature of ‘heyfever’. presumably, instead of sneezing, there’s some high-fiving going on? or fistpumps? utterances of yo, bro, dude and suchlike? but I guess you did explain your were unable to type or see.
    (and did the phrase ‘be the first to say …’ make you think of Skylines? or is it just me that hears MCR songs in everyday conversations?)
    yes. I share your sentiments regarding ISIS … it’s far too HUGE to cover, whether on not eyeballs are up to the job. And forever it will be so (Islam, war, terrorism, religious fanaticism – not your eyeballs).
    however, I did come across this, which made me laugh …
    “In a sign of the growing sophistication of its propaganda operation, ISIS said it was aiming to get one billion Muslims to post messages of support for a hardline Islamist state on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.”
    ( … allow me to digress … should that be an Islamic state?’Islamic’ would suggest it is a state which follows the laws and ideology of Islam, so the state itself is ‘of Islam’ and those who reside there are expected to follow it’s rules. Whereas ‘Islamist’ would mean it to be a state for those fundamentalists who follow Islam in a very strict fashion, almost as if, by virtue of the fact they are hardliners, it doesn’t matter what politics the state wants, the Islamists will force it to be ‘of Islam’. Islamic seems a far gentler phrase and in keeping with the caring nature which, in as little as I know about it, the religion promotes, whilst Islamist seems on a par with terrorist and a forceful attitude. but back to the quote …)
    whilst I have no objection to them calling for an Islamist state on one social network, I’m not sure they need one on all 4 platforms!
    okay, that was silly, but sometimes the English language leaves itself open to misinterpretation – or more accurately, sloppy journalism, poor grammar and incorrect syntax allows for amusing scenarios.
    and now for Tim ….
    I’m increasingly becoming a fan thanks to the repeated appearances on here. He talks much sense and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. I like that.
    and I like that far more than I like football. Maybe if they gave each team a football, they wouldn’t have to fight over it. I accidentally watched 4 seconds of the world cup the other night but thankfully found the remote quickly and switched over before too much damage was done.


    1. The heyfever essentially broke my face – my eyes hurt, my nose and sinuses were blocked and my head was a bit achey too. Ah, nature.

      I think ‘Islamic’ is just ‘of Islam’ so yeah, it’s got far less political connotations than ‘Islamist’, which definitely implies militant leanings (I am crap at English language lark though so don’t hold me to that).

      Yay, you’re getting into Tim’s stuff! His ‘Live at the Royal Albert Hall’ show is utter gold – some of it’s not on YouTube so if you can get hold of a copy it’s well worth it. ‘Cont’ is one of my favourite songs ever… and I watched ‘Thank You God’ on YouTube to revise RS last week,

      I’ll let you know if it paid off.


      1. a further example of sloppy journalism (not that this is becoming a crusade!) was the headline on the cover of today’s Mail on Sunday, referencing a young British lad appearing in the recent ISIS video, jihadist threat etc etc …. “Two pictures, one chilling question: what turned this boy from a leafy British suburb into a terrorist?
        it took me ages to work out that what they meant was the boy was from a leafy suburb – and not that he used to be a leafy suburb but was now a terrorist. All for the sake of a comma!!


        1. Holy bats that’s one of the best examples I’ve ever seen of the ‘Eats, Shoots and Leaves’ effect! I have images of a pot plant brandishing WMDs…


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