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NEET Life Approaches…and it sure as hell ain’t Parklife so read this shit to validate my existence!

I am very very close to not having any more exams ever, which I’m not actually sure how to process. So instead I’m researching the viability of artsy jobs, which is interesting. Here is what I’ve learnt:

  • Most people don’t make a living out of their art
  • Those who do are either sell-outs or so popular that they can charge a lot for what they do
  • You got to be smart and find a gap in the market that coincides with your skills, which approximately 1 in 500,0000,000 people achieve
  • I want “she’s the prettiest girl at the party and she can prove it with a solid right hook.” either written on my tombstone, tattooed or incorporated in some way into the art I eventually make. I also wish I’d thought to make my illnesses into a record.

Anyway it’s got me thinking… what could I make, art-wise, that has relevance to the things I already do? These are my ideas and I would appreciate feedback because I’m less than two days away from being an UNEMPLOYED TEEN (imagine a member of the Tory party said that):

  • Fun t-shirts and merchandise for Indifferent Ignorance. Slogans could include “Read the fucking news”, “Dogs are very cool”, “wheat is the devil”. I could learn to silkscreen or use a manufacturer and start up a Storenvy site, which is basically a place where  normal people (and Frank, as it happens) can set up online stores.
  •  Little how-to books on things like online ranting, repetitive strain injury and being nice to fangirls. Again I think these may require outside manufacture as staplers only go so far.
  • A mixture of the above.

So, I need your help if I’m going to be one of those in-work citizens George Osborne’s always banging on about! Don’t leave me out in the cold just to spite the coalition! Plus, if I do cool things then I blog about cool things, so ultimately helping me helps you, and that’s the best type of feeling!


4 thoughts on “NEET Life Approaches…and it sure as hell ain’t Parklife so read this shit to validate my existence!

  1. Not what you wanted, but I’m an official UNEMPLOYED TEEN now too. I can no longer talk disparagingly about the NEETs my mum teaches — I have joined them aaAAAarggh…
    Wow, look how I’ve dashed everyone’s hopes of my having a bright future haha.


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