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The Ten O’Clock News: In Which Smithy Fixes FIFA

I’m not sure how much longer the football world cup is on for so I’d better chat about it while it’s in the news. To start off, I’m with Gerard when it comes to giving a shit:

Printscreened from the Twitter.
Printscreened from the Twitter.

Seriously though, when did football become the biggest sport in Europe? Why has a bloke biting another bloke (which is gross, by the way), garnered such attention? Hopefully because it’s gross, but it’s hard to tell since a lot of big footballers get paid roughly the GDP of some small countries. (I may have invented that statistic. Shut up, I’m on holiday. Sort of.) Actually I’ve been taking a break from news stuff recently because all those actual statistics were bumming me out. Next week I’ll hopefully have regained some sense of typing but in the mean time I think it’s important that we all remember who should be in charge of the England team and probably the 2020 games.

When I was looking for that I found this and it’s flipping brilliant.


7 thoughts on “The Ten O’Clock News: In Which Smithy Fixes FIFA

      1. technically they’re legumes – but regardless of technical status, they are indeed pesky little buggers! lucky enough to have participated in desensitizing research trial at addenbrookes – so now life is a bit easier. but i don’t envy you with the wheat and eggs – they’re EVERYWHERE !!!


  1. what made me laugh about Gerard’s tweets is that he could’ve found out the answers to his questions with a quick google search. Twitter has become his go-to place, seems he can’t survive without the interaction. such an attention whore!!

    Smithy’s clips – thanks for those! I remember seeing the second one when it was broadcast – and a vague recollection of the first one (claim to fame alert … he mentions my cousin, Terry Butcher … okay, that makes me an attention whore too!!)
    Then had a good laugh watching some of the other comic relief clips. i love how they get so many celebs to do stuff. Daniel Craig!! making ham sandwiches in a little terrace house, Daddies sauce and newky brown. and the lovely Mr Tennant!
    a good chucklefest to end my tedious day 🙂


    1. I think Gerard is slowly turning into everyone’s favourite uncle, it’s brilliant!

      Oh nice, I love it when people have claims to fame (my best, and by best I mean most creepy, is that my dad got a lift from Jimmy Savile in the ’70s. Yep). Have you seen the Catherine Tate/David Tennant one? “Sir, are you qualified to teach English though?”


      1. I love that clip! the bit where she does the soliloquy and he zaps her. hahahahaha

        i think your dad was probably safe – wrong gender! but hey, it’s still a claim to fame. admittedly not one you want to tell too many people.
        (ooh, my other one – I won a competition and spent a day with Boy George, then was on the cover of a teen music mag. woohoo!!)

        Uncle Gerard !!! hahahahaha. gotta be said his attire is slipping into uncle/granddad territory at times – checked shirts and comfy jumpers, instead of tight leathers and tees! but it is kinda fun, his daily twitterfest – compulsive viewing. even persuaded me to make pancakes at the weekend!!


        1. I saw them on Twitter! Every weekend I think “I have got to master pancakes.” Thing is, 2/3 normal pancake ingredients make me violently ill so I’ve got to get to grips with hippie ones.

          One day!


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