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“Biology Revision”, Or, “Signs I’ve Been an MCR Fan for Too Long”.

Recently we’ve been doing animal behaviour in Biology, and during today’s lesson I got really inspired… Here is what I learnt, and how my ideal class book would look:

  • We say 40-60% of our emotions with body language or facial expressions. Some gestures’ meanings vary from country to country, but some are internationally understood.

  • Mimicking somebody’s posture is a sign of safety and comfort.


  • Facial expressions are important as they display emotion.

Yes, I did just Google “Mikey Way’s pokerface” to find a picture that wasn’t already saved on my laptop (it was for 10 Days, okay).

Also my notes are crap. The lesson was far more interesting than that. Remind me to hunt down the videos of the peeing panda, swimming tigers and cheetah, and do a post on anthropomorphism.


2 thoughts on ““Biology Revision”, Or, “Signs I’ve Been an MCR Fan for Too Long”.

  1. I actually scrutinised every image in the last pic just to ensure there was no variance 🙂 if you open 2 grammy pics in new tabs and flick between them you can make them dance – found it funniest using image 3 with either of others cos Frank shuffles but 1 & 2 are better for continuity.
    note to self – got too much time on my hands.


    1. They do! Dancing My Chem! If there’s not a meme for that out there, there should be.

      There will be no variance. There will be no change in expression.

      At least until “Mikey Way Y U No Smile?” comes into it :P)


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